Luke Keith’s 1895 Diary


While Luke didn’t keep a diary in 1895, or perhaps it has been lost to us, he did make some entries for 1895 in his 1894 diary. The first three entries below were written on the appropriate date with the notation of the 1895 date. The entries under the title of Memoranda were written in the back of his 1894 diary. It was only by doing a search of that the death dates for Mr. Hubbard and Mr. Warren were found.

Mar 27 – Repaired Mr Christoper Kelleys violin.

Mar 28 – Mr Kelley got his violin March 28 1895 paid 75 cts.

Apr 6 – A young cupple Dead at the Bennet House this morning. Repaired horse block by the south door.


Dr Ezra Sletson born Sept 10, 1813 died May 11 1895[2]

Mr A H Hubbard died[3]

Mr Harvey Warren died[4]

Mrs Dr. O. F. Burrows died Oct 25 1895[5]

Lou left for home[6] Oct 26 1895


[1] Known better, and referred to, as Luke

[2] has an entry for Dr. Ezra Stetson showing he was born in Springfield, Otsego County, New York on September 10, 1813, died on April 28, 1895 in Neponset, Bureau County, Illinois, and was buried in Floral Hill Cemetery in Neponset. While the death date differs from Luke’s entry it would appear that this is the individual he was referring to

[3] reveals that Albert Hooker Hubbard died August 29, 1895 and is buried in Oak Grove Cemetery, Galesburg, Michigan

[4] Michigan death records reveal that Harvey Warren died in Galesburg, Michigan on September 2, 1894 and shows he is buried in Oak Grove Cemetery, Galesburg, Michigan

[5] shows that Olive (Cash) Burroughs, the wife of Dr. Orrin Burroughs, died October 25, 1895 and is buried in Oak Grove Cemetery, Galesburg, Michigan

[6] His daughter, Louese (Keith) Harris; she lived in Shelbyville, Michigan

Scan of Luke’s 1895 Diary


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