Luke Keith’s 1877 Diary


 Jan 1 – At Tomlinson House.[2] Very blustring. Frank[3] and I took a ride out East in afternoon. Mercury 14 Abz.[4]

Jan 2 – Snows some. George[5] gone over to Mount Morris after Nell.[6] Bot this Diary in Perry.[7] Nell came home about two oclock. Went over to Nobles in Evening, saw fountain.

Jan 3 – Snows and blows, snow piled up, Mercury 14 Abz. Mr Braughton and Lady here. Marion[8] and I went to see the Waubinoes performe.

Jan 4 – Cold morning. Left Perry one oclock P.M., went over to Gainesville, took the cars[9] for Buffalo, arrived about six P.M., left Buffalo half past one for Detroit.

Jan 5 – Got to Detroit about 12 noon, left Detroit half past six, got to Galesburg about twelve night, got home about one.

Jan 6 – At home all day. Not very well. Found the folks all well. Mercury 45 Abz.

Jan 7 – Went down to Katharines.[10] All well. Not very cold.

Jan 8 – Went up to Skinners. Del[11] over to burg[12] to attend a lawsuit. All well. Sent letter to Patty.[13]

Jan 9 – Cold, mercury 4 below zero. At home, no one here. Filed three saws for Ernest 60 cts. Browns folks[14] here in Evening. Mrs Calkins[15] here with them.

Jan 10 – Went over to burg, carried Jims[16] Boots over, paid 60 cts. Mrs Ralph[17] here.

Jan 11 – Not very well. Went over to burg, got Jims Boots. Snowed like fun.[18]

Jan 12 – Cold, 2 below zero. Filed my Bucksaw. Major[19] killed to day. Hog hunt here.

Jan 13 – Cold day, Mercury 8 Abz above zero. Went up in woods, cut down one tree, drawed two loads wood. Snow very deep in woods.

Jan 14 – Ed Childs and wife here. Went down to Katharines in Evening. Henry[20] here stayed all night.

Jan 15 – Went up to Mr Flanders[21] with Henry. Snowed and blowed like the mischief.

Jan 16 – Very pleasant day. Shelled 3 bushels corn.

Jan 17 – Earnest[22] killed my hogs. Went over to burg after grist, no get him. Mercury 30 Abz. Went down to Browns in Evening. Mr Morrison and wife there.

Jan 18 – Mercury 30 Abz, ledle some rain in morning.

Jan 19 – Mr Ives and George called here. Sarah[23] and Mrs Betts[24] went to burg. Went to Barbers[25] in Evening. Put hair in one End of bow.

Jan 20 – Cold and blustrous Mercury 16 Abz morning. At home. Mrs Emeline Bradley[26] died to day.

Jan 21 – At home all day. Ethan[27] and Henry went up to Foundry. Cold day Mercury 2 below.

Jan 22 – Mercury 18 Abz in morning.

Jan 23 – Went over to burg with Henry. Mart, Ansil and Lucy[28] here. I went down to M. O. Streators[29] to see if I could get some straw.

Jan 24 – Pleasant cold day. Made saw Buck for Earnest Whiting.

Jan 25 – At home all day. Not much done.

Jan 26 – Went down to Katharines. Mrs Betts and Sarah went down to Browns.

Jan 27 – Drawed Straw from M. O. Streators, two loads for Brown, one for my self. Went up to Nathan Lamkins in Evening with Browns folks. Mrs Betts went over to Burg.

Jan 28 – Fine pleasant day Mercury 34 Abz.

Jan 29 – Drawed some wood. Went over to burg in Evening after Mrs Betts. No find him.

Jan 30 – Drawed two loads Straw from Streators. Went over to burg in Evening after Mrs Betts. Got him this time. Mr and Mrs Streator[30] called here no stop long. Rained in night. Sleighing thin.

Jan 31 – Not very cold snow melting. Drawed two loads wood. Went over to burg. Received of Township Treasurer one hundred and four dollars. Lois[31] came down.

Feb 1 – Went to Foundry. Boys making Cider. Got mawl.

Feb 2 – Carried Hannah[32] up to Mr Ralphs.[33] Went up to Foundry. Boys making cider. Filed saw for A Brown[34] by golly. Hall sent timber for two ax helves.

Feb 3 – Went up to Foundry. Got three bushels wheat of H. A. Taylor[35] 1.35¢ pr bus, paid him 3.05¢. Carried it over to burg. Sarah and Mrs Betts went over to burg. Carried Lois down to Browns.

Feb 4 – At home. Mrs Benjamin came down after Lois. Hannah went down with her. Not very cold. Went over to burg after Sarah and Mrs Betts.

Feb 5 – At home. Worked in shop some.

Feb 6 – Worked in shop on violin some.

Feb 7 – Worked in shop on violin. Charley called here to see about his violin. Fine day.

Feb 8 – Pleasant morning. Put Charley Gillis violin together. Ethan and Hannah went down to Mr Randal.[36] Ethan fixed their melodian.

Feb 9 – Cut wood, cut one tree. Ethan and Hannah went up to T. C. Fords[37] in Evening.

Feb 10 – Worked in woods cutting wood. Charley Gillis got his violin. He paid me two Dollars.

Feb 11 – At home all day. Put new finger board on my violin. Mrs Betts went to burg with Jacksons folks.

Feb 12 – Worked in woods cutting grubbs &c.[38] Fine day.

Feb 13 – Worked in woods. Ansil Lee called here. I cut his hair. Pleasant day. Two of Isaac Odels girls died to

Feb 14 – Pleasant day. Went up to woods, got one load wood. Filed saw for A. Brown. Ella and Minnie Randall, they stayed in Evening. Two of Isaac Odels girls Died to day.[39]

Feb 15 – Worked in woods some sawed some wood. Cut some grubbs. Odells girls buried to day. Pleasant day. Jim lost cold chisel. Ethan up to shop.

Feb 16 – Fine day no snow. Cut some grubs in after noon. Ethan up to shop.

Feb 17 – Ethan drawed wood. I shelled some corn and acarried corn and oats to mill. Carried Mrs Betts and Sarah over to burg. Fine day.

Feb 18 – Pleasant day mercury 27 Abz in morning. At home.

Feb 19 – Worked round shop some. At home.

Feb 20 – Worked in shop. Made cross head for Theodore Earl.[40] Fine day.

Feb 21 – Went up to Swaddles. Mrs Betts stayed up there. Warm day. Roads nice, dusty.

Feb 22 – Very smoky. Choped wood. Warm day. Cut some trees in in grove on hill South East of barn. Ebenezar Flanders died this morning.[41] Mercury 53 Abz.

Feb 23 – Went down to Catharines[42] to Auction sale. Bot ax and Iron mortar[?] of Ansil Lee. Went over to Henry Rogers[43] in Evening. Had a big time, lots there.

Feb 24 – Cloudy morning. Ethan drawing wood. Jule Allen[44] came up with Browns folks stayed the Evening. Ebenezer Flanders buried to day.

Feb 25 – At home all day. Jim went down to Katharines. Nice day. Rass[45] folks and Mrs Totty to Browns to day. Henry came here stayed all night.

Feb 26 – Fine pleasant morning Mercury 30 Abz in morning. Henry and Ethan gone up to shop.

Feb 27 – Worked in shop some. Went over to burg. Got pole for Streators wagon. Fine day. Went down to Browns in Evening Whitcom Blake Forbush &c.

Feb 28 – Put in pole for Streator. He paid me one Dollar $1.00. Very nice day. A. R. Shere to dinner. Sent Lois ham bone, sent Ina[46] sum nuts.

Mar 1 – Pleasant morning mercury 23 Abz in morning. Worked in shop some on violins. Rained in night. ____ Rowland buried to day.[47] Hannah went up to Lois to sewing.

Mar 2 – Worked on violins. Rainy day, snowed some, not very cold.

Mar 3 – Cold morning mercury 27 Abz. Put tops on two violins Talsimers[?] and Keans. Snowed all day snow fell 8 inches.

Mar 4 – Pleasant morning mercury 18 Abz in morning, lots snow.

Mar 5 – Carried two bushels corn to mill. Lost my tie strap. Mart called here. Carried hams down to Browns. Browns folks came up here in Evening.

Mar 6 – Mercury 14 Abz, cold, some sleighing. Made Herbert Earls[48] Oars. Worked some on violins.

Mar 7 – Worked in shop on patterns for binder. Rained in night. Made Ina a wash board. Mrs Betts got mad because Sarah let her hand go but she felt better after it. Rested[?] first rate.

Mar 8 – Worked on patterns. Snowed and blowed all day Mercury 17 Abz. Verry good sleighing. Hannah up to Lois to work.

Mar 9 – Cold snowy blustrous day. Making patterns. Mercury 15 Abz. Filed _____ saw for Ernest _____ Whiting brot it down. Jim went to burg with him.

Mar 10 – Mercury 6 Abz in morning. Rather a fine day. Worked on patterns in fore noon. Went over to burg in afternoon. Sarah and Mrs Betts went over. They went to uncle peats. They stayed all night in burg. Bot Box in post office 25 for one year Box 86[?].

Mar 11 – Fine day. Ansel and Katharine came up here. Went over to burg after Mrs Betts and Sarah. Henry here.

Mar 12 – Warm morning Mercury 31 Abz. One foot snow on ground. Worked on patterns. Snows and blows very blustrous day. Henry and davis Stafford called here. They had been to cut tree for shaft ____ water wheel.

Mar 13 – Very pleasant morning Mercury 5 Abz, not very cold. Went up to Lois in Evening. 13 inches snow. Carried Ina her washboard. Snowed in night.

Mar 14 – Snows some, blustrous morning, 14 inches snow. Worked in shop some. Drawed some wood. Will Planks[49] Girl born to day.[50]

Mar 15 – Fine day. Went up to Marshall with Dell Skinner to see his farm. Stayed all night. Found them well.

Mar 16 – Sarah and Mrs Betts went down to Browns[?]. Snows like fun. Dell went and saw Mr Stage abut taking the Hull farm. Left for home not far from 12 noon. Snowed hard. Called at Luke Smith took dinner. Got to Skinners about seven Evening. Ethan came up after me. Got home about Eight oclock.

Mar 17 – Fine morning mercury 7 Abz in morning. Worked in shop on patterns.

Mar 18 – Snowed in morning like fun. Not very well hard cold. Mrs Oakly[51] buried to day. Lots snow on ground.

Mar 19 – Snowing Mercury18 Abz at ten oclock A.M.

Mar 20 – Worked on patterns some. Filed saw for Win. Mart called here. Snowed hard. Dell and Lois drove in here. Drawed two loads wood. Snow very deep. Thundered and lightened in afternoon.

Mar 21 – Pleasant, sun came out, lots snow on ground, nearly 2 feet. Worked in shop on patterns. Henry here to dinner. Dell and Lois called here. Not very cold. Extracted two teeth for Mrs Wolcots hired man Emmet Emmons. He paid 50¢.

Mar 22 – Worked on patterns. Thawed all day. Win got saw. Sarah and Browns folks went over to tabernacle in Evening. Mr Sherwood Died this morning.[52]

Mar 23 – Worked in shop on patterns. Henry came down stayed all night.

Mar 24 – Worked in shop. Drawed two loads wood. Lots snow in woods. Stormy day. Mr Sherwood buried to day. Carried Mrs Betts and Sarah over to burg. Sarah rode home with Brown. Sylvester Mead[53] died 7 AM to day.

Mar 25 – At home. Snowey day. Went down to Katharines in afternoon stayed all night.

Mar 26 – At Marts. Mart scalded sap bucketts. Jo York came after Adelpha.[54] Got home about two Pm. Dave Barton[55] brot load hay, wheelbarrow &c. Sylvester Mead buried to day.

Mar 27 – Worked in shop some on wagon neap.[56] Turned some acorns for I. D. L. Schram.[57] Fine day. Hannah came home with him. Ina came with her.

Mar 28 – Worked in shop some. Drawed two loads wood. Went up to H. A. Taylors. Got one bushel potatoes paid one Dollar. Bot 4 bushels wheat paid 4 Dollars. Jo Kean paid me one Dollar.

Mar 29 – Worked in shop made neap for A. R. Skinners wagon. George ives called and got Taloimers violin. He paid 2.25. Ina here.

Mar 30 – Went over to burg in morning. Hannah went bot table spread. Sent letter for seeds. Sawed out stuf for wheelbarrow. Rained all night.

Mar 31 – Worked on wheelbarrow some. Filed saw for E Whiting. Rained in morning. Will Clark[58] came with two horses. Dell and Lois called got Ina. They went down to Browns stayed all night. Ida Barber[59] came over stayed all night. Mrs Betts went to Burg.

Apr 1 – Rained some in morning. At home all day. Dell and Lois came up just at night.

Apr 2 – Went over to Town meeting. Dell and I went up to Blanchards.[60] Got load stalks, straw and hay. Went after Sarah and Mrs Betts at night.

Apr 3 – Worked in shop some. Put rockers on Hat Taylors chair. Dell went to Kalamazoo. Ethan, Lois and Hannah went down to Katharines.

Apr 4 – Went up to Blanchards with Lois. They left for Marshall. Ethan went with them. Rained in Evening. Paid Hat Taylor 1.60 one Dollar and sixty cents.

Apr 5 – Ethan and Will came back from Marshall. Made pick handle for Herb Earl. Fixed Browns handle.

Apr 6 – Fine morning. Jim and Will left for Marshall. Went down to Katharines. Sarah and Mrs Betts went to eat new shugar, got some.

Apr 7 – Worked in shop on patterns. Mrs Betts went over to burg to hear the gospel preached. Ethan and Bill went down to Katherines. Henry went a long. Fine day.

Apr 8 – Warm looks some like rain, considerable wind. Mrs Betts came home.

Apr 9 – Ethan went up to Foundry. Sarah went over to burg stayed all day. Old Mr King[61] Died this morning. I worked on Skinners wheel barrow. Fine day high wind.

Apr 10 – Ethan gone up to shop after chain wheel pattern. Repaired Skinners wheel barrow.

Apr 11 – Will Brown[62] commenced plowing. Worked round house. Fixed my stove boat. Old Mr King buried to day. Elder Gage called on Mrs Betts. Went over to burg in Evening. Sarah went to Hoags.[63] I waited bout a our and half in the road.

Apr 12 – Made soap. Painted Dells wheelbarrow, Jims slead. Uncle Daniels lost wagon tyre. Cleaned out cellar. Looked over apples &c. Mrs Betts put her ward robe in her room. Mr Brown plowing to day.

Apr 13 – Worked round house and yard. Dell came down to Harts.

Apr 14 – Worked in yard trimmed some trees. Went down to Katharines in Evening. Browns folks went. Mrs Betts went over to burg. Henry stayed all night. Bill sick. Skinner called here got his wheelbarrow.

Apr 15 – At home all day. Henry went up to Flanders.[64] Fine day very dry.

Apr 16 – Worked in shop on patterns. Sarah went over to Janes[65] Stayed all night.

Apr 17 – Went over to burg after Sarah. Went over after Alfleda.[66] Mrs Calkins came home with her. Had a rainy night. Mrs Hennika[67] Died to day.

Apr 18 – Carried Mrs Calkins over to burg. Rained. Carried Hannah down to Browns. Rained hard. Filed saw for Erve Hall[68] 20¢. Man called here canvasing for Diary.

Apr 19 – Worked in shop on patterns. Charley Town[69] called in.

Apr 20 – Worked on patterns. Carried Hannah over to Barbers. Bot midlings[?] over to mill[?] 50¢. Bot one Bushel potatoes, one Dollar to be paid in work. Manne Hennikas[70] wife buried to day.

Apr 21 – Worked in shop on patterns. Mrs Betts went over to burg.

Apr 22 – At home all day. No one here.

Apr 23 – Worked in garden pulled grubbs. Hot day. Brown sowed oats. Carried Hannah over to aunt Peets. Sarah went over to Janes stayed all night.

Apr 24 – Went over to burg in morning after Sarah. Put fellow[71] in one wheel. Split some wood in afternoon. McNaughten boy[72] buried to day.

Apr 25 – Worked round. Got out manure. George Barber[73] helped all day.

Apr 26 – Got out two loads manure. Chored round. Spread manure on East garden. Cyrus Streator and Laura called here just at night.

Apr 27 – Carried some corn over to mill 2½ bushels. Spread manure on west garden. Earnest Whiting plowed garden. Rained just at night. Henry came down. Jo Kean paid 50¢ cts.

Apr 28 – Rained in morning. Not much done. Went over to burg in Evening after hannah. Got my meal.

Apr 29 – At home all day. Rainy day. Henry came down stayed all night. Snowed in night. Hailed in afternoon.

Apr 30 – Ethan and Henry gone up to shop. Hannah went over to Mr Johnsons.

May 1 – Cool day snowed and blowed some. Split some wood. Will Ridler[74] commenced plowing. Hannah came home. Got some lumber of Theodore.

May 2 – Commenced hen yard. Ethan went up to shop. Fine day froze ice.

May 3 – Cool, ice this morning. Put the cow in Browns lot to day. Ethan gone up to shop.

May 4 – Worked on hen yard. Fine day. Ridler plowing. Went up to Jim Spires[75] to raise Barn, big Barn.

May 5 – Worked on hen yard. Very pleasant day. Will Ridler finished plowing. Mrs Betts went over to burg to hear the gospel preached in the Babtist Church.

May 6 – At home all day. No one here.

May 7 – Trimed trees south side road. Sarah went over to burg. Mrs Betts came home.

May 8 – Worked round hen yard and house. Frost this morning.

May 9 – Went up to Foundry. Got chissel made for Binder. Got my grubb ax repaired. Mr daniels lost tire of one wheel. Fine day, cool wind, frost this morning.

May 10 – Frost this morning. Worked on hen yard some.

May 11 – Worked round yard and in garden.

May 12 – Worked on got two bushels potatoes of H A Taylor. Got some lumber up to mill 5 boards 14 feet long. Not very good. Went up to foundry after Ethan. Jim came home. Mrs Betts went to burg.

May 13 – Went down to Katharines. Jo Darling[76] maried to day. John Darling[77] was there. Fine day.

May 14 – Worked on hen yard. Will Ridler planted corn in south west lot. Herbert Earl helped him. Mrs Betts came home.

May 15 – Worked on hen yard put the gate up. Ernest plowed in afternoon. Jim went back to Marshall. Brown planting. Considerable wind.

May 16 – Rained in morning. Brown planting. I trimed some trees. Warm day. Brown put Snap and buggy in Barn.

May 17 – Went up to shop in morning with Ethan. Mr Ford and M O Streator came down and made out release on Mortgage. I went up to Streators. Got seed corn some potatoes of Brown.

May 18 – Mercury 90 in shade. Went up to shop in morning. Ground gr____ Ax. Hot day. Draged some of my corn ground. Jesse Earl[78] planting.

May 19 – Hot day. Carried Ethan up to shop. Finished draging corn ground. Jesse Earl planting. Ernest plowing his corn ground. Burnt brush East of Barn. Barber came over and started the plow.

May 20 – Very hot day Mercury 85 in shade. At home. No one here.

May 21 – Made corn Markers. Marked ground one way. Rained in afternoon. Paid Minnie Randall twenty Dollars.

May 22 – Rainy day. Barber came over. Plowed some moved old cornstalks. Went up to shop after Ethan at night.

May 23 – Carried Ethan up to shop. Barber plowing. Berban Jacobs and Brother called here a while in forenoon. Commenced planting corn East of house. Fine day cold East wind.

May 24 – Cold North East wind. Went up to Foundry. Mercury 50 Abz. Planted corn.

May 25 – Finished planting. Old Mrs Youngs buried to day. Henry Earl died this morning.[79]

May 26 – Went up to shop in morning with Ethan. Worked on hen yard some. Hoed in garden. Went up after Ethan at night. Sarah and Mrs Betts went over to burg stayed all night.

May 27 – Fine morning. Sun came out nice.

May 28 – Worked round garden. Went over to burg. Went up to Ridlers to see him about road work.

May 29 – Went up to shop in morning. Hoed some in garden. Went up to shop in afternoon. Hannah and Ida Barber went. Elward Agent called on the boys to see Binder.

May 30 – Working on road. Hot day. Went up to Foundry.

May 31 – Worked round garden. Worked on road.

Jun 1 – Hoed in garden. Mrs Betts went over to Mr Wi___ans to strawberry festival. Barber put on plaster in front room. Conk Smith here stayed all night.

Jun 2 – Hoed corn, beans and potatoes. Cultivated cabbage ground. Went up to Foundry after Ethan. He had gone by the burg have rode with Ed Flanders.[80]

Jun 3 – Some cloudy, no rain yet, very dry. Ethan and Hannah went down to Catharines. Hannah stayed. Little Dutch man stayed here all night.

Jun 4 – Went up to Foundry in morning. Marked out potatoe ground. Barber planted in some corn. Rained in night. Conk Smith stayed here all night.

Jun 5 – Cloudy some mist. Ethan set out some plants.

Jun 6 – Planted in corn. Mrs Betts went to Dowagiac.[81] Sarah went over to burg. Theodore put in bridge. Ethans patent papers came or a part of them.

Jun 7 – Finished planting corn. Put handle on Mr Taylors hoe. Hoed in garden some. Water wheel busted. Mrs Brown and Jule here in afternoon.

Jun 8 – Ethan and Henry at work on patterns. Plowed out potatoes. Rained in afternoon. Barber brot over some more ashes for corn.

Jun 9 – Cloudy morning, rainy day. Not much done. Cow out. Filed saw for Whiting.

Jun 10 – Cool wind Mercury 53 in morning. Went down to Katharines. Mrs Gaffing there.

Jun 11 – Put ashes on corn. Rainy afternoon. Ridler came down to work in corn.

Jun 12 – Cool morning Mercury 62. Went down to Katharines. Expected to go to Kalamazoo but no go. Came home and finished ashing my corn. Ezekiel Lee Died to day.[82]

Jun 13 – Hoed in garden some. Barber commenced plowing for Buckwheat. Ethan finished patterns. Cow out to night. Rainy night. Brown and I went to find Cattle no find him.

Jun 14 – Rainy morning. Found Cattle over by Rail Road. Had been in Whitbecks wheat. Worked in garden some. H. A. Taylor brot his buggy down to paint.

Jun 15 – Worked on Barbers cultivator. A. Browns folks came up in Evening. Mrs Semer came with them. Had a heavy shower rained all the Evening. They went home in the rain.

Jun 16 – Went up to Foundry. Henry went up to Battle Creek with patterns.

Jun 17 – At home all day. Mr Henry Rogers and wife[83] and Mrs Wilson here. Ethan carried Hannah down to Katharines. Dell came stayed all night.

Jun 18 – Dell went to Kalamazoo, had Bill.[84] Dell and Henry stayed all night. Finished Barbers Cultivator. George put ashes on corn. Painted cultivator. I painted Taylors buggy boddy.

Jun 19 – Painted Taylors buggy. Hoed in garden some.

Jun 20 – Rainy day. Not much done.

Jun 21 – Carried Ethan up to Foundry. Ansil, Catharine and Hellen[85] came up here. Ansil and I went up after Ethan.

Jun 22 – Fine morning. Henry came down to have pattern alterd some.

Jun 23 – Carried Ethan up to shop. I cultivated turnip ground. Barber Cultivated corn one way. Brown plowed Buckwheat ground. Henry got Castings. Lois came home in Evening. Went down to Browns in Evening. Alfleda down to Browns.

Jun 24 – At home. Mr Daniels called here a while. He went down to Browns. Ethan went down to Katharines carried some things to Hannah. Lois went with him. Had a heavy shower.

Jun 25 – Went up to shop. Very hot. Hoed in garden some.

Jun 26 – Went over to burg. Got wire for hen yard. Bot one Barrel plaster paid one Dollar for it.

Jun 27 – Put wire round Hen yard. Hot day. Sarah went down to Browns. Carried Hannah up to Mr Flanders. Ina here.

Jun 28 – Barber sowed Buckwheat. Hoed some in garden. Dell and Lois went home took Ina.

Jun 29 – Went up to shop with Ethan. Brown sowed Buckwheat. Hot day. I hoed potatoes. Got ½ bushel potatoes of H. A. Taylor. Ridler plowed out corn in south west lot. Mrs Benagar Dean[86] died.

Jun 30 – Carried Ethan up to shop. Sarah went to burg. I plowed potatoes and corn. Very high wind all day.

Jul 1 – Wind continues to blow. Mrs Dean buried to day also Mr Enoch Nap[87] of Comstock. Mart and Lucy came up here. I had a chill.

Jul 2 – Not very well to day. Went over to burg. Got dress for Hannah. Put new bridge on new violin. Rained a little in afternoon.

Jul 3 – Worked some in shop and garden.

Jul 4 – At home all day. Sarah went over to burg. Ethan and Hannah went over in Evening to see fireworks.

Jul 5 – Varnished Taylors buggy and turned some pins for _____. Had a hard blow in afternoon, blowed down our Locust tree in front yard.

Jul 6 – Finished Taylors buggy. Turned 6 pins for Jim Millham.[88] Hoed corn in afternoon some. Went over to burg after Sarah.

Jul 7 – Pleasant morning. Went up to shop. Took Mr Taylors buggy home. Hoed corn some. Hank and Nancy came home.

Jul 8 – Hank and Nancy* here. Ethan took Hannah down to Katharines. Hank and Nancy went down to Mr Browns.

Jul 9 – Worked in corn some.

Jul 10 – Plowed and hoed corn. Mrs Betts came home to day.

Jul 11 – Hoed corn. Brown cut wheat in west lot. Mr Barber commenced cutting wheat.

Jul 12 – Carried Ethan up to Foundry. Plowed and hoed corn.

Jul 13 – Finished hoing corn. Brown drawed one load wheat.

Jul 14 – Cleaned out Barn. Worked in potatoes some. Put paris green on them. Hot day Mercury 91 Abz.

Jul 15 – Very hot. Ethan took Mrs Betts over to burg. Ethan went after Mrs Betts at night.

Jul 16 – Went to Kalamazoo after Louese. Had Ernest buggy. Cows got in Whitbecks lot. Sold calf to Whitbecks for 4.00. Bot set Spokes $3.00 pr _____.

Jul 17 – Chored round house and garden. Run after cows and fixed fence.

Jul 18 – Made wheelbarrow for Claud K. Brown Esqr of Chicago.[89]

Jul 19 – Went Kalamazoo with Hank. He went to Chicago. Bot coat and pants $3.00. Dell and Lois came here. Mart and Lucy called here. Hannah went to Caywoods. Sis[90] went up to Milhams.

Jul 20 – Carried Ethan up to shop. Corked barn floor in forenoon.

Jul 21 – Hoed[?] corn some. Barton[?] thrashed some. Mrs Betts went over to burg.

Jul 22 – At home all day. Lois came back. Dell went home. Mr Clark called in a while.

Jul 23 – Barton[91] thrashed some. I plowed corn. Very hot. Ridler plowed corn. Finished plowing.

Jul 24 – Hot day. Plowed corn. Emma Allen[92] here. Twelve here to dinner.

Jul 25 – Rainy morning. Headache. Hoed some potatoes. Tamer Ford[93] here. Barber plowed some corn. Lois went up to Jo Flanders.

Jul 26 – Some cooler this morning. Spect had rain somewhere. Finished plowing corn. Mr Flanders came down got all the whimmen[94] took them up to their house. Had a heavy shower, rained and blowed hard. Mr Flanders had to drive in _____.

Jul 27 – Cloudy morning. Laid up fence in forenoon. Carried all the wimmin down to A. Browns in afternoon. Went over to burg. Received of Township Treasurer 36 Dollars. Rained hard in night. Adda Ralph here to day.

Jul 28 – Sun came out in morning, fine day, rained some in afternoon. Cow went to Bull. Mrs Betts went to burg.

Jul 29 – Hot day. Went down to Katharines. All well. Mrs Gaffing there.

Jul 30 – Made Ex for Skinners Democrat[?]. Jim came home. Sarah went over to burg. Mrs Betts came home. Mrs G____ preached at burg this Evening.

Jul 31 – At home. Worked worked in shop some.

Aug 1 – Worked on spokes some. Mrs Brown and Jule here in afternoon.

Aug 2 – Worked on spokes. Repaired Huntings guitar. Lois went home.

Aug 3 – Worked in corn some. Drove some spokes in afternoon.

Aug 4 – Drove some spokes in morning. Catharine and Mrs Gaffing came up. Mrs G. went up to Jim Milhams. Estella came down stayed all night. Hoed corn in afternoon.

Aug 5 – Katharine here. Hank and Nancy came up. Warm day.

Aug 6 – Hank moved his things over. Hoed corn. Sarah and Katharine went up to Jim Milhams. Hannah went down to A. Browns. Rained a very little towards night.

Aug 7 – Cloudy morning looks like rain. Finished hoing corn and potatoes. Katharine went home. Mrs Betts went to burg. Dr Upham came here stayed all night from Elkhart, Ia. Hot and dry.

Aug 8 – Cut weeds in yard hoed some. Sarah went to burg to meeting. Ethan came home in morning. Hot day. Babtist Association at Burg.

Aug 9 – Chored round. Belas calf got in corn lot. Went round woods put up some fence. Hoed some. Will Clark came. Ethan sick in night. Mrs Betts came home. A____ closed to day.

Aug 10 – Fine morning. Went up in woods. Plowed out the potatoes. Cut some grubbs in cornfield side road. Will Clark here.

Aug 11 – Hunt preaches in D K Rogers Saloon this morning. He paid five Dollars for the room. Drawed one load wood. Not feeling very well. Jim and Will went up to Henrys.

Aug 12 – Fine morning some cloudy. At home all day. Mrs Betts went burg on her own hook I guess some mad spose.[95] Peer Whitcomb brot her home. Hank and Nancy came up stayed all night.

Aug 13 – Some cloudy. Will Clark went home. I cultivated my corn one way. Had a good shower in afternoon rained hard. Nancy and Claud here all day. A. Browns folks went to Kalamazoo to Seance at Wagners.

Aug 14 – Killed 3 fowls, one white Rooster, old Speckled hen, one yellow hen. Nice morning. Went down to Katharines got 25 lbs flour. Had a heavy shower, rainy afternoon, rained all night.

Aug 15 – Rainy morning. Picknic at South Haven. Jim gone.

Aug 16 – Put rims on wheels. Ethan worked up to shop. Charles Lees[96] folks here came up with they new buggy. Mrs Betts, Nancy and Mrs Brown and Jule went up to Mr Ralphs.

Aug 17 – Work round, cut some wood, chored round. Mr Barber plowed corn. Sate Skinner[97] went up to Flanders. Henry came down in Evening.

Aug 18 – Pleasant morning. Cut some wood. Sarah and Mrs Betts went over to Burg to stay all night.

Aug 19 – At home all day. Very hot Mercury 92 in shade. Alvin, Ida and Henrys _____ _____ _____ ____ and Louese went over to Burg after Sarah and Mrs Betts.

Aug 20 – Not very well. Drawed one load wood. Nancy and Claud went down to Ambrose and Matildas to attend to business &c.

Aug 21 – Worked round garden pulled weeds in Strawberry patch. Rained in night.

Aug 22 – Went up to sawmill in morning. Some rainy. Worked round house and shop. Rainy afternoon and night. Ethan & Louese calculated to went down to Katharines but no go, to much rain.

Aug 23 – Rainy. Jim went over to Barbers after umbrella. Carried Ethan up to shop. Got Whitings buggy. Wedged two axes for E Whiting and mended pruning shears. Rainy day and night.

Aug 24 – Rainy morning. Mrs Skinner[98] and Sate came here stayed all night. Henry came down in Evening. Fixed Whitings buggy wheels.

Aug 25 – Went over to burg. Bot sack flour 90 cts. Bot oil, cheese, paper, Envelopes. Mrs Skinner and Sate went home. Henry here. Wm Gleason[99] died this morning. Went down to Katharines stayed all night.

Aug 26 – Went to Kalamazoo, took the cars. Went to Schoolcraft. Attended a Spiritual meeting. Left my horse to Jesse Turners.[100] Came back. Went up to Katharines stayed all night. Alfleda went down to Charles Lees. Mr Wm Gleason buried to day.

Aug 27 – Rained some. Came home at noon. Hank here to work. Not much done in the work line.

Aug 28 – Some misty. Not very well. Not much work don to day. Rained hard in night.

Aug 29 – Worked in shop some on cross head. Mart and Lucy, Delpha come up. Louese went home with them. I went over to burg in morning. Received of township treasurer $3.70 cts.

Aug 30 – Finished cross head. Went up to saw mill. Hannah went down to Browns. Mr Brown thrashed his wheat. Saw Mr Dilenbeck from Yorkstate. Martin Turner and wife[101] called here just at night. Brown thrashed.

Aug 31 – Hot morning Mercury 83 Abz. Carried Hannah down to Katharines. Louese came back with me. Rained some. Stoped to Browns.

Sep 1 – Cool morning. Town[e] thrashing. Chored round, drawed two loads wood. Louese and Stella went up to Sherwoods in afternoon. Rained some in night. Cool days.

Sep 2 – Henry came down in morning. Rainy.

Sep 3 – Chored round. Went up to Mr Flanders. Bot one bushel corn 60. Claud went with me. Jim helping Streator thrash.

Sep 4 – Went to Comstock to mill, carried 4 bushels wheat, one corn. Mrs Betts and Mrs Keith went over to burg on a visit.

Sep 5 – Chored round. Split some wood. Cool day. Ethan carried patterns up to shop. Rained some in afternoon. Commenced (indecipherable). Extracted two teeth for Herbert Earl.

Sep 6 – Pleasant morning but hot. Pioneer Picknick at Augusta. Drawed one load wood. Mr Browns folks and Mr Wagner here in Evening had a Circle. The Old Preach came Che Che would not let him talk.[102]

Sep 7 – Henry and Louese gone up to Marshall. Had Bill. Worked in shop some. Cut out sides for wheelbarrow. Ethan worked up to shop.

Sep 8 – Stript some corn. Nancy here. Ridler commenced cutting corn.

Sep 9 – All well at home. Hank and Nancy here.

Sep 10 – _____ worked in shop on mold pattern. Mart and Lucy came up. Rainy. Mart went to burg with Sewing Machine.

Sep 11 – Finished mold pattern. Rained in afternoon. Barber came up and cut some corn. I went down to Browns to tea. Hank and Will topping corn.

Sep 12 – Worked in corn. Mrs Betts and Nancy came back. Homes girl died.[103] Henry got home with Bill. Ridler cutting corn.

Sep 13 – Lottie Holmes buried to day. Ethan and Henry went up to shop. I toped corn all day. Ridler finished cutting. Barber cutting. Sarah, Mrs Betts and Nancy went up to Hanibals in afternoon. Boys made some cider.

Sep 14 – Pleasant morning. Finished cutting corn in fore noon. Set up cornfodder in afternoon. Hot day. Ancil got back from Salt Lakecity.

Sep 15 – Nice morning. Browns folks gone to Plainwell. Will came up to ___s after Louese. Ethan gone up to shop.

Sep 16 – At home all day. Ethan down to Browns. Mrs Betts went to burg. Louese came home from Marshall. Ancil and Lucy came up here in afternoon. Rainy night.

Sep 17 – Rainy morning. Sarah went over to burg in morning. Took old buggy to pieces. Went after Sarah and Mrs Betts. Mrs Betts (indecipherable) Eat to much Honey. Dell called here.

Sep 18 – Pleasant morning. Chored round. Made fire under Kettle[?]. Sarah colored lot cloth for Louese. Took the old buggy wheels to pieces. _____ up hubbs to get the _____ out. Ethan went up to shop. Sent my patterns _____.

Sep 19 – Made rack[?] for Cart to draw corn _____ on. Drawed some _____. Louese went up to _____ stayed all night. _____ stayed here with Jim.

Sep 20 – Sprinkled some. Took Ethan over to burg. He went to Jackson to State fair. Drawed two loads wood in forenoon. Went over Ethan in Evening.

Sep 21 – Hank and Will cut the Buckwheat. I made Claud a husking ____. Worked on wringer.

Sep 22 – Fine morning. Hank, Jim, Jule and Nancy gone to Skinners. Ethan gone up to shop. Mrs Betts gone to burg. Sarah and I went down to Katharines. Stayed all night.

Sep 23 – Went Came home in Evening all right.

Sep 24 – Worked round shop, cleaned out old shop. Barber husked little corn. Hank and all hands got home. Mrs Betts came home from burg.

Sep 25 – Ethan went shop. I husked some corn in forenoon. Sawed out felloes for Barbers wheel. Mr Orrin Case called here at noon to see about Sam Chichester stealing[?] hogs of Father.

Sep 26 – Finished Barbers wheel at noon. Ethan went up to shop. I worked round, picked apples up at the corner then went down to Jacksons. Stayed all night.

Sep 27 – Pleasant morning. Ethan went up to shop. I stript some corn leaves in forenoon. Mercury 88 at one oclock, very hot. Mrs Betts went over to burg Ethan took her over to hear the gospel preached once more in her life. Rained hard up to _____.

Sep 28 – Henry and Ethan went up to shop. Cloudy morning. Worked on wheel some. Asel left for home Titusville Pennsylvania.

Sep 29 – Worked on wheel finished one wheel. Husked some corn. Mr and Mrs Ira Clark[104] here to Dinner. Fine day. Claud went up to Rass Towns with Mr Brown, got some peaches.

Sep 30 – At home. Hank and Nancy here, Henry here. I went down to Katharines just at night after tea and butter.

Oct 1 – Sarah went over to burg in morning with Ethan. I put bottom in three peck basket. Picked lot corn. Hot day. Mercury 94 at one PM in shade. Husked some corn.

Oct 2 – Picked sixteen rows corn. Earnest brot Hogs head down in morning. Sarah, Mrs Betts and all the girls went up to Jesse Earls. I set tire on Barbers wheel. Very hot and dry.

Oct 3 – Warm and dry, 89 in shade. Repaired rake wheel for Jesse Earl in morning. Cut popcorn in west garden in fore noon. Jim and George Barber gone down to Jacksons to gather butternuts. Went down to Jackson after walnuts. Rained in night.

Oct 4 – Some rainy and very high wind. Picked some corn and husked some. Barber finished cutting Buckwheat.

Oct 5 – Carried Ethan up to Henrys. They went to Marshall, had Whitings buggy. I picked and husked some corn, drawed one load wood.

Oct 6 – Jim and I husked corn. Sarah and Mrs Betts went down to A. Browns. Mrs Betts was so lame she could not stay at home. She had been housed up for for four days, had not been visiting in four days. She thought it would do her good.

Oct 7 – At home all day. Not much rain.

Oct 8 – Worked round done chores &c. Went over to burg at noon. Sarah went over to get pattern for Hannah. We went down to Katharines stayed all night. Rained most all night.

Oct 9 – Went to Kalamazoo. Sarah Expected to go to Chicago.[105] There was no Excursion Train going so she no go. Came home in forenoon. Dell here to dinner. He went to Kalamazoo Sis went with him. Ethan came home.

Oct 10 – Rainy day. Husked some corn carried it in to corn house. Dell and Ethan went to burg in forenoon.

Oct 11 – Husked some corn. Ethan worked on patterns. Hank and Nancy moved over to burg. I carried over two loads.

Oct 12 – Hank cleaned out gallery. Worked round house and barn.

Oct 13 – Hank carried one load over to gallery. I finished husking my ____ corn. Ridler and Barber husking. Mrs Betts went over to burg. Ethan went up to Foundry.

Oct 14 – Hannah and I went around the Squair. Saw Bronsons, Burgess and Peet Milhams houses for the first time. Henry Rogers and wife and Mrs Wilson came over here.

Oct 15 – Cleared out corn house and sorted corn. Sarah went over to burg in morning. Barber husked some. I am Sixty four years old to day.

Oct 16 – Sorted corn some. Barber put in some. Nancy and Claud here to day. Ethan and girls went over to Nancys in Evening.

Oct 17 – Sorted corn. Ridler brot one load. Barber thrashed Buckwheat. Rained in afternoon. Brown Drawed his Buckwheat. Ridler finished drawing my corn.

Oct 18 – Sorted corn. Ridler took one load home the last. Minnie Randall here in Evening. Mrs Corkins came from Battle Creek. Rainy night.

Oct 19 – Rainy day. Sorted corn. Took Mrs Corkins over to burg at noon she went home on the 12.55 train. Mart and Jay Barton[106] thrashed wheat.

Oct 20 – Worked in corn some sorted some corn.

Oct 21 – Went down to Katharines after some butter.

Oct 22 – Chored round house and barn.

Oct 23 – Fixed up bin in cornhouse. Sorted some corn. Went over to burg. Got potato hook mended.

Oct 24 – Mr Chapin Died[107] to day. Took Hannah up to Jesse Earls and Ethan up to shop. Went down to M. O. Streators. Dug potatoes. Barber thrashed Buckwheat. I get three bushels B.wheat. To Browns to buy eleven bushels potatoes.

Oct 25 – Went down dug 3 bushels. Mr Streator raised his Hog pen and corn house. Floral[?] Hall burnt on the Galesburg Fair ground in Evening.

Oct 26 – Went over to burg in morning after Louese. Rained some. Barber came over and shelled some corn.

Oct 27 – Dug my potatoes up at the corner and put them in the cellar. Ethan, Hannah and Louese went down to Katharines stayed all night.

Oct 28 – Pleasant, nice day, some wind, Mercury 70 Abz at noon in shade.

Oct 29 – Husked corn some. Fine day. Husked about fifteen baskets and put it in corn house.

Oct 30 – Finished husking. Louese started for Chicago.[108] Sorted corn.

Oct 31 – Worked round house and barn. ____ some all day. Went up to shop with Ethan.

Nov 1 – Went up to mill got load _____ for fence got some steaks for fence.

Nov 2 – Went up to shop with Ethan. Rainy day. Brot sewing machine home from Earls. Carried it over to burg. Sarah went over bot warp for Katharines carpet.

Nov 3 – Carried Sarah down to Katharines. Clarra came home with me. Carried Mrs Betts over to burg. Made fence around the Strawberries. Susan Giddings[109] here to day. Whiting brot his cutter down.

Nov 4 – Carried Hannah and Clarra down to Katharines. Sarah came home. Rained quite hard when we came home.

Nov 5 – At home. Snowey day. Not much done but move stoves. Put stove in shop and in middle room. Cold night. Ethan and Jim went over to burg. Jim got boots. Mrs Betts came home.

Nov 6 – Not very well hard cold. Mercury 3 Abz in morning. No work to day.

Nov 7 – Mercury 10 Abz in morning. Husked popcorn &c. Rather disagreable day. Ethan went up to shop. Rained all night. Jim went up to Milhams stayed the night.

Nov 8 – Rainy. No work to day hard cold. Eugene Powlisons wife died.[110] Elva Earl Married[111] to day spec so maby some.

Nov 9 – Cut and drawed two loads wood. Hank and Nancy came over stayed all night. Walter Barton died to day.[112]

Nov 10 – Nancy gone down to Mr Browns. Fine morning. Put handle and heads in my mawl. Mrs Powlison buried to day. Fine pleasant day. Not much done, hard cold.

Nov 11 – Nice day. At home all day, not very well. Walter Barton buried to day.

Nov 12 – Went down to Katharines after tea and Hannahs cloths. Mrs Gaffing started for Tennessee.

Nov 13 – Pried up well room in forenoon. Worked on road in afternoon. Picked stone on the hill. Fine day.

Nov 14 – Patched the roof some. Chored round. Banked house some. Mr Mitchel called here. Dell and Lois drove in did not get out of the carriage. Rained some in after noon. Mr R Ransom died this morning.[113]

Nov 15 – Some rainy. Ethan went over got Nancy. I put up shelf on back roof to put iron ware on. Shelled some corn. Ethan made water spout.

Nov 16 – Went to Comstock to Mill got Buckwheat and corn ground.

Nov 17 – Went over to Burg. Sarah and Mrs Betts went over to burg. Sarah started for South bend.[114]

Nov 18 – Went over to burg after Hank and Nancy. Henry came down. Herbert Clark and Jimmy Millham[115] came down here. Very nice day. All well as usual.

Nov 19 – Fine day. Worked on Skinners buggy. Mr Barton and David thrashed. Lois and Hannah went down to Mr Browns. Ross Ingersoll died to day.[116]

Nov 20 – Nice morning. Lois and Hannah went over to Nancys. Mrs Betts came home to get ready to go over to Galesburg. Finished Skinners buggy.

Nov 21 – Repaired my wagon wheel in forenoon. Carried Alfleda down to Katharines. Rainy afternoon, rained in night.

Nov 22 – Cloudy morning, Ross Ingersoll buried to day.

Nov 23 – Lois and Will went home. I went up to James Ralphs. Took up two bushels Buckwheat, got almost three bushels and a half potatoes. Henry came down. Ethan went up to shop in Evening. Bot stove pipe. Old Mrs __oo___ died.

Nov 24 – Warm morning. Went up in woods got load wood. Went over to burg after Nancy. Mrs Betts went over with me. Extracted tooth for Jenny Giddings.[117] Had head ache in afternoon.

Nov 25 – Mercury 51 Abz nice warm morning. Mr Brown called in. Claud went home with him. Hank came over. Will and Jule came up here. Claud went down home with Jule stayed all night.

Nov 26 – Warm, mercury 49 Abz rainy morning. Cow gone, found her down on Randals. Dressed out cutter Knees. Rainy day. Claud went home this morning.

Nov 27 – Mercury 38 Abz in morning. Rained some in morning. Ethan went over to burg.

Nov 28 – Mercury 28 Abz in morning. Fixed up hatch way in forenoon. Snowey and blowey. Fixed up high chair in afternoon. Allen Simmons called here to get buggy boddy made. Cold day.

Nov 29 – Mercury 15 Abz in morning, cold and Blustrous, no snow. Filed buck saw for Whiting.

Nov 30 – Worked in shop on cross Head. Stormy.

Dec 1 – Finished cross Head in forenoon. Sawed out cutter Beams in afternoon. Mrs Betts went over to burg with A. Brown.

Dec 2 – Pleasant, Mercury 17 Abz. At home all day. Claud stayed here all night.

Dec 3 – Pleasant, sun out all day, warm. Carried Claud home. Mrs Betts came home. Drawed two logs down from the corner on sleigh.

Dec 4 – Rainy morning, not very cold, some snow. Worked in shop some on wheel barrow.

Dec 5 – Went up to mill in the morning. Worked on road some. Windy, not very cold. Jesse Earl and Burgess and Ed Schram worked. Drawed some dirt.

Dec 6 – Worked on road in forenoon. Snowey day. Went over after Sarah, she no come.

Dec 7 – Worked in woods in fore noon. Cut maple tree. Went over after Sarah, she come. Drawed some wood.

Dec 8 – Snowey. Jim and I cut some wood. Went over to burg in Evening after Hank and Nancy. Ethan carried Hannah down to Caywoods. She came home at night. Ambrose and Matilda here in Evening.

Dec 9 – At home. Hank and Nancy here. Fine day. Mart brot Alfleda home. Katharine came with them.

Dec 10 – Worked on bob patterns some. Barber came over shelled some corn.

Dec 11 – Took the carpet rags over to Mrs Semer. Katharine and Sarah went to Nancys. Mrs Betts went over to Mr Burdicks. Barber came over. I hung ax for him. He cut stub down for _____. I went over (indecipherable). Bot Horse Blankets.

Dec 12 – Fine day, mercury ____ Abz. Went up in woods cut some wood. Katharine, Sarah and Alfleda went up to Nichols. Byron Allen and wife, Cora, Ida and Emma[118] here in Evening. Henry took Claud home.

Dec 13 – Drawed three loads wood in fore noon. Went down to Marts. Katharine and Hannah went home. No snow, cold wind.

Dec 14 – Pleasant morning. Worked in woods, cut wood.

Dec 15 – Cut wood in forenoon, drawed some. Went over to burg carried Mrs Betts over. Sarah went down to Kalamazoo with Nancy to get stove and furniture. Jim went over got his over coat.

Dec 16 – Pleasant day. At home all day.

Dec 17 – Repaired guitar for Harry Streator.[119] Bot _____ of Whiting 8½ lbs 5 cts pr pound. Went over to burg after Mrs Betts. Warm day.

Dec 18 – Rainy morning. Worked in shop. Commenced Simmons buggy boddy. Browns folks and Sarah went over to Hanks in Evening. Rained in Evening.

Dec 19 – Cloudy, mercury 55 Abz in morning. Not much done to day. Worked in shop some.

Dec 20 – Sick, no work. Mercury 66 Abz.

Dec 21 – Fine day. Worked in shop in afternoon. Ernest brot shank. Plained board for Ernest.

Dec 22 – Not any work to day. Ethan carried Mrs Betts over to burg.

Dec 23 – At home. Not very well. Went down to Katharines. Took Hannahs things down, got tea. Lost Martingale ring. Warm day, rained in Evening.

Dec 24 – Worked some in shop on sills. Went over to burg with N. L. Randall. Received of Township Treasurer 40 forty Dollars. Paid Minnie Randall 40 forty Dollars.

Dec 25 – Rainy morning, not very cold, Mercury 46[?] Abz in morning. Went down to Browns in Evening. Ed Phelps got hurt, gun burst, blowed britch pin into his head.

Dec 26 – Worked in shop some. Carried Nancy home. Alfleda went over. Mrs Betts came home. Old cow out, found her at Blakes barn in galesburg. Filed saw for Erve Hall 15.

Dec 27 – Worked in shop some. Not very cold, 20.

Dec 28 – Filed saw for Erve Hall 20. Put in cross bar in Rand___ saw frame and filed saw 20. No frost, Mercury 50 Abz.

Dec 29 – Worked in shop some. Went over to burg in Evening. Mrs Betts went over with me. Hank and Nancy came over.

Dec 30 – Henry came down. Carried Hank and Nancy home in Evening. Mrs Betts came home.

Dec 31 – Worked in shop in forenoon. Mart came up with Hannah. Went over to burg, paid my tax 7.69 cts. Ed Phelps Died this morning.[120] Hannah stayed over to Nancys.


[1] Known better, and referred to, as Luke

[2] Luke had taken a trip back to New York and was presently staying with his niece and her husband, Marion (Sprague) & George Tomlinson

[3] George & Marion’s son, Frank John Tomlinson

[4] Above zero

[5] George Tomlinson

[6] George & Marion’s daughter, Nellie Tomlinson

[7] Perry, New York, where the Tomlinsons lived

[8] His niece, Marion (Sprague) Tomlinson

[9] Train

[10] His sister, Catherine (Keith) Bradley Lee

[11] His son-in-law, Adelbert Skinner

[12] Galesburg, Michigan

[13] His sister, Martha “Patty” (Keith) Sprague

[14] Neighbors, and his daughter Nancy’s in-laws, Ambrose & Matilda (Allen) Brown

[15] Matilda (Allen) Brown’s sister, Mary (Allen) Calkins

[16] His youngest son, James Clinton Keith

[17] Neighbor, Emaline (Stone) Ralph

[18] Luke uses this phrase quite often. The Oxford Dictionary gives its meaning as “vigorously or quickly”

[19] Believe this is one of his farm animals

[20] Henry Lindsey Keith, his son by his first wife, Minerva (Payson) Keith

[21] Neighbor, Joseph Flanders. After his first wife, Minerva (Payson) Keith died, Joseph and Amanda (Hobbs) Flanders cared for his son, Henry, for a period of time. The Flanders raised Henry even after Luke married his third wife, Sarah (Crawford) Keith. They wanted to adopt Henry but Luke said no; however, it looks like Henry lived with them throughout his youth. This seems to be corroborated by the 1860 census showing “Henry L Flanders,” age 16, (who it is actually believed to be Henry L. Keith), living with Joseph & Amanda

[22] Neighbor, Earnest Whiting

[23] His third wife, Sarah (Crawford) Keith

[24] His mother-in-law, Nancy (Comfort) Crawford Betts

[25] Neighbors, Richard & Mary (Knowles) Barber

[26] shows that Emeline (Bigelow) Bradley is buried in Fairview Cemetery, Pavilion, New York

[27] His son, Ethan Keith

[28] Luke’s niece, Lucy (Lee) Milham, her husband, Martin Milham, and her uncle, Ansel Lee

[29] Neighbor, Marius O. Streator

[30] Marius O. & Laura Ann (Rawson) Streator

[31] Lois (Keith) Clark Skinner, his daughter by his first wife, Minerva (Payson) Keith

[32] His daughter, Hannah Keith

[33] Neighbor, William Ralph

[34] Ambrose Brown

[35] Neighbor, Hannibal “Hat” A. Taylor

[36] Neighbor, Nathan L. Randall

[37] Neighbor, Thomas Clark Ford

[38] Etc.

[39] Michigan Death Records confirm that both Jane Ann (Odell) Olin, age 30, and her sister Ellen Odell, age 25, died of consumption on February 13, 1877, and shows they are both buried in the Galesburg City Cemetery, Galesburg, Michigan

[40] Luke’s cousin

[41] confirms that Ebenezer Flanders died February 22, 1877 and is buried in Roof Cemetery, Climax, Michigan

[42] In all his previous diaries up until 1875, Luke has spelled his sister’s name as Catharine. Since then he sometimes spells it starting with a K, as can be seen in previous entries for January, and other times starting with a C

[43] Neighbor, Henry D. Rogers

[44] Matilda (Allen) Brown’s sister, Julia Allen. She lived with Ambrose and Matilda

[45] Neighbor, Erasmus Towne

[46] His granddaughter, Ina Mary Skinner, the daughter of Lois & Del Skinner

[47] Michigan Death Records reveal that Harry M. Rowland, age 14, the son of Henry C. & Delilah Rowland, died February 27, 1877, and shows that he is buried in Oak Grove Cemetery, Galesburg, Michigan

[48] Luke’s cousin, and brother of Theodore Earl

[49] The Plank family had been Luke Keith’s neighbors in Comstock, Michigan, but on April 3, 1873, Luke noted in his diary that they had left for Grand Rapids, Michigan

[50] A search of the Michigan, Births, 1867-1902 index and images on Family Search listed a Gertie Plank born in 1877 in Grand Rapids, Michigan, to William Plank and Mary Plank. The 1880 Census does not show Gertie so it is assumed that she had died

[51] records show that Emma (Scofield) Oakley, wife of Walter E. Oakley, died March 16, 1877 and is buried in Oak Grove Cemetery, Galesburg, Michigan

[52] reveals that Cyrus Gould Sherwood died March 22, 1877 and is buried in Oak Grove Cemetery, Galesburg, Michigan

[53] Michigan Death Records confirm that Sylvester Mead died March 24, 1877 and shows that he is buried in Schoolcraft Township Cemetery in Schoolcraft, Michigan

[54] Joseph and Marion Adelpha York, the husband and daughter of Luke’s niece, Helen (Bradley) York

[55] Neighbor, the son of Samuel & Catherine (Knecht) Barton

[56] The pole or tongue of a cart or wagon drawn by two animals side by side

[57] Neighbor, Isaac D. L. Schram

[58] His grandson, William Byron Clark, the son of Lois and her first husband, Byron Clark

[59] Neighbor, the daughter of Richard & Mary (Knowles) Barber

[60] Samuel & Lucretia (Judson) Blanchard

[61] Michigan Death Records reveal that Samuel A. King, age 72, died April 9, 1877 in Comstock, Michigan and shows that he is buried in Oak Grove Cemetery, Galesburg, Michigan

[62] The son of Ambrose & Matilda (Allen) Brown

[63] Neighbors, Abel & Sarah Jane (Mason) Hoag

[64] Neighbors, Joseph & Amanda (Hobbs) Flanders

[65] Neighbor, Sarah Jane (Mason) Hoag

[66] Alfleda (Starr) Keith, the widow of his brother Harvey Keith

[67] Michigan Death Records confirm that Elwilda Henika, age 21, died April 17, 1877 and shows that she is buried in Mountain Home Cemetery in Kalamazoo, Michigan

[68] Believe this to be his neighbor, Irwin I. Hall

[69] Neighbor, Charles Towne. In 1891 Charles married Luke’s daughter Hannah

[70] Manuel Henika, the husband of Elwilda (see April 17 entry)

[71] Felloe or felly – rim, or segment of the rim, of a spoked wheel

[72] Michigan Death Records show that Lafayette P. McNaughton, the 14-year-old son of Peter & Flora McNaughton, died on April 22, 1877 in Comstock, Michigan, and shows that he was buried in Oak Grove Cemetery, Galesburg, Michigan

[73] The son of neighbors, Richard & Mary (Knowles) Barber

[74] Neighbor, William Ridler

[75] Neighbor, James Spier

[76] Census and records show that Joseph Darling was married to Anna, however no marriage record was found

[77] Joseph Darling’s father

[78] Neighbor and “shirttail relative”

[79] shows that Henry L. Earl died May 24, 1877 and is buried in Cook Cemetery, Pavilion, Michigan. Henry was the nephew of Jesse & Mary (Clapp) Earl

[80] Neighbor, Edwin Flanders

[81] Dowagiac, Michigan, where she had once lived and where her late son Edwin Crawford’s family lived

[82] His paternal first cousin

[83] Neighbors, Henry & Lucy (Harris) Rogers

[84] His horse

[85] His niece, and sister Catharine’s daughter, Helen (Bradley) York

[86] Michigan Death Records show that Angeline (Murray) Dean, the wife of Benajah Dean, died June 29, 1877 in Pavilion, Michigan with showing she is buried in Cook Cemetery, Pavilion, Michigan

[87] reveals that Enoch S. Knapp died June 29, 1877 and is buried in Mountain Home Cemetery, Kalamazoo, Michigan

[88] Neighbor; James was the half-brother of Martin Milham (see footnote for January 23 entry)

* His son-in-law and daughter, Henry & Nancy (Keith) Brown

[89] His 2-year-old grandson, Claude Keith Brown, Nancy & Hank Brown’s son

[90] Nickname for his daughter Louese

[91] His neighbor, Samuel Barton

[92] The daughter of neighbors, John S. & Amanda Louise (Worden) Allen

[93] Mary Tamer Ford, the daughter of neighbors Thomas & Adelia (Tompkins) Ford

[94] Women

[95] Some mad I suppose

[96] The family of his cousin, Charles & Juliana (Davis) Lee

[97] His daughter Lois’ sister-in-law, Sarah “Sate” Skinner

[98] His daughter Lois’ mother-in-law, Sarah (Knight) Skinner

[99] Michigan Death Records show that William Gleason died August 25, 1877 and shows he is buried in the Comstock Cemetery in Comstock, Michigan

[100] His maternal first cousin, Jesse W. Turner

[101] His maternal first cousin (and Jesse Turner’s brother) and wife, Clarissa (Whitcomb) Turner

[102] Both the Brown and Keith families were believers in Spiritualism and participated in seances, or “circles.” Don’t know who the “Old Preach” was, but Chee Chee was Ambrose Brown’s Indian Spirit Guide

[103] Michigan Death Records reveal that Charlotte Holmes, the 16-year-old daughter of Hamlin & Jane (Abbott) Holmes, died September 11, 1877 from Typhoid Fever in Comstock, Michigan, and shows she is buried in Oak Grove Cemetery, Galesburg, Michigan

[104] Believe this to be Ira & Angeline Clark, the parents of Lois’ first husband, Byron Clark

[105] Sarah’s brother, Hiram Crawford Jr., and his family lived in Chicago so perhaps she was going to visit them

[106] Neighbor, the son of Samuel & Catherine (Knecht) Barton

[107] Michigan Death Records reveal that Henry Chapin died October 23, 1877 in Battle Creek, Michigan, and shows that he is buried in Oak Hill Cemetery, Battle Creek, Michigan

[108] Louese was attending school in Chicago and staying with her uncle and aunt, Hiram & Katherine (Atcheson) Crawford Jr.

[109] Neighbor, Susan (Ford) Giddings, the widow of Augustus Giddings

[110] Michigan Death Records show that Sarah (Wheeler) Powlison, age 27, died November 8, 1877 and shows she was buried in the Galesburg City Cemetery, Galesburg, Michigan

[111] Michigan Marriage Records shows that Elva Earl married Frank Crossfield on November 8, 1877 in Galesburg, Michigan. Elva was the daughter of Jesse & Mary (Clapp) Earl

[112] Neighbor, the son of Samuel & Catherine (Knecht) Barton. Michigan Death Records confirm that Walter died November 9, 1877 in Comstock, Michigan, at the age of 21

[113] Michigan Death Records reveal that Roswell Ransom died November 13, 1877 and shows that he is buried in the Galesburg City Cemetery, Galesburg, Michigan

[114] Sarah’s brother, Henry Clay Crawford, and his family lived in South Bend, Indiana

[115] Believe this to be neighbor, James Edgar Milham, the son of James & Ellen (Adams) Milham

[116] Michigan Death Records confirm that Ross A. Ingersoll, age 29, died November 19, 1877 in Comstock, Michigan, and shows that he is buried in Maple Grove Cemetery, Comstock, Michigan

[117] Neighbor, the daughter of Augustus & Susan (Ford) Giddings

[118] Byron (& his wife, Ida Chittenden), Cora, Ida and Emma Allen, were the children of neighbors, John S. & Amanda Louise (Worden) Allen

[119] Neighbor, and the son of Marius O. & Laura (Rawson) Streator

[120] Michigan Death Records confirm that Edward Payson Phelps, age 19, died December 31, 1877 from explosion of gun (see December 25th entry) and shows he is buried in the Comstock City Cemetery, Galesburg, Michigan


Henry Brown’s 1873 Diary


Jan 1x[2] – I have taken 2 gems[3] to day, 3 groop, 3 Gems of Clark Wheeler. Got a pair of Suspenders. Nancy[4] is sick to day. Went over to father Browns[5] and stayed all night. Took our bird over there. It was a very pleasant day. Hannah[6] was to our house to day.

Jan 2x – Started for Benton Harbor to day. Took dinner at Grand Junction and had to wait until 8 oclock so went all over the City. We[7] arrived in Benton H about ½ past 9 o’clock. Put up at the American House. It has been a very bad stormy day and I am tired now and sleepy to.

Jan 3 – It is an awful unpleasant day, rains and friezes as fast as it falls. Went up to St Joseph this forenoon, came back to Benton about 11 oclock. Made arangements with H. C. Morton (Nem). Left Benton 1 oclock and 10 minutes, arived at Grand Junction 3 oclock (min) /2.

Jan 4 – Pleasant day to day. I had to sleep alone last night. I have taken 4 gems and 2 neg’s. Nancy is over to Father Browns yet and I go over there to night. Subscribed 50 cts for Lecture course to day. I choped mince meat and apples this evening for Mother.[8]

Jan 5x – Paid Aunt Julia[9] 50 cts and have paid her 5.00 besides which makes 5.50. Will[10] brought us down to Father Keiths[11] to day. Ethan[12] came and brought us home in the evening. Nancy was sick and we went to bed about 7 oclock. Pleasant.

Jan 6x – Pleasant. Nancy was sick this morning, did not get up until ten oclock, and then she was up and down all day. Took one negative to day. Byron[13] came up to day and I paid him 35 cts for team use.

Jan 7 – Pleasant. I went to Kalamazoo to day on Accomidation, came back on Mail. Nancy was sick all day to day. Took more baby pictures to day than I ever took in one day before. Met Cousin Oscar Yates[14] at Kalamazoo.

Jan 8x – Tryed to be pleasant to day but made out to be most awful cold and blustering. Nancy was sick again to day, is better now so that she is stringing beads. Printed to day. Making molasses candy to night.

Jan 9 – Very Blustering to day and cold. Have not taken any pictures to day except One Neg. Nancy was sick to day. Ethan and Henry[15] were here to day. Father drew me a load of wood.

Jan 10x – Very Cold and Blustering again to day, worse than yesterday. Did not take any pictures to day. Nancy sick. Mr Van Buren Lectures to night. Subject “Labor.”

Jan 11x – Wether modarate. Took a negative of Ma[16] to day, she was here a visiting to day. Did not take any pictures to day. Father and Will were here.

Jan 12 – Pleasant. Stayed at home all day, no one here to day. I went down to the depo and saw two new palace cars. Nancy took a napp.

Jan 13x – Stormy and warm. Have been busy all day. Opened Arthurs[17] box and took out a frame and mat and Looking glass and hung them up. Put some pictures in the mat.

Jan 14 – Pleasant but cloudy. Printed to day. We went to Mr Barbers[18] this evening, had a circle.[19] Mr Bailey and wife[20] were there, Pa and Ma, Father & Mother, Mr & Mrs Streator[21] were there. Pa went to Howlands burg to mill to day.

Jan 15 – Very unpleasant to day, rainy and icey. Hannah came up here this morning and stayed all day. Ida[22] came this afternoon. Dalenbeck is haveing a Law sute about stolen wheat. J Shafter, G & J Strubal and another man are arested.

Jan 16x – Snowed all day, there was about one foot of snow fell to day, cleared off about four oclock. Ida Allen[23] was here to day. Nancy was sick abed part of the time.

Jan 17x – Pleasant to day. I printed to day. Father, Pa & Ma have been here, did not stay any. We went to the Lecture this evening, a Mr. Frazer, Supt of Kalamazoo Schools.

Jan 18 – Quincy Streator[24] came this (home) morning. It has been a pleasant day to day but cold. Have taken one picture to day. Nancy went over home with Pa to day and I went over at night. Nancy is sick with the headache. Will Plank[25] came home to day.

Jan 19x – Stormy and cold. At Pa’s to day. Henry & Ethan were at home to day. Ethan is stopping at Aunt Kates.[26] We all ate at Mr. Planks.[27] Mrs Plank[28] and me had a very lively discussion on religion this evening. Fred Allerton[29] ate at Planks to day. Will went home with him.

Jan 20x – Pleasant but cold. Will Plank and Carrie & Mary[30] came over and got a groop taken. Carrie, Mary & Hannah visited at our house to day. Will went back to day. Nancy did not get home until one oclock.

Jan 21 – Pleaseant. In an hour snowed all day, warm. Took two pictures for Charley Haywood to day. Nancy has had a head ache all day. I brought 1½ bu of Patatoes to day. Paid 1.12 for them.

Jan 22 – Pleasant. Henry Keith and Pa were here to day. Emma Allen[31] was here to supper. The Allens, Ida Barber and us went over to Pa’s. We had Mr Barbers horse and Buggy cutter. Got home about 11 oclock.

Jan 23x – Cold and stormy. We ate Breakfast by lamp light this morning for the first time in my married life. I took my first lesson in inking to day on Mr Evans.

Jan 24 – Pleasant. Henry, Louis[32] & Sate[33] were here to day. I took 4 Gems for Sate and Louis to gather. Father, Mother and Aunt Julia were here to night. Will and Mary Plank and Sis[34] went to the Lecture. J. A. B. Stone Lectured.

Jan 25 – Pleasant. James[35] was here to day. Eberly Underwood[36] came up here and stayed almost two hours. Henry was comeing after us to go home with him but did not come. Nancy & me have both been sick to day.

Jan 26xx – Pleasant. We have been at home all day to day. Moly and her Amos did not go to church. I wrote two letters to day, one to Uncle Sidney[37] & one to E. P. Wightman.[38] Father, Mother and Will were here to night.

Jan 27 – Pleasant. I took another ink lesson to day. Took 1 neg and 2 Tin types. Nancy has been sick all day. I contracted 6 cords of wood to day of Henry Covil at 200 per cord. Loaded up.

Jan 28 – Rail Road Colision this morning at three oclock. I got up and went down. It was on the switch. Pleasant but cold. Nancy went to Mr Potts Funelel[39] with Ida Barber.

Jan 29 – Cold. Nancy has been sick all day. Took one negative to day.

Jan 30 – Cold. Pa was up to see us a little while this morning. Came over with Alvin and Jess Lee.[40] They were Breaking Colts.

Jan 31 – Pleasant. Dull day for Pictures. I inked all day on Mr Evans[?] Picture. Father and Will came down and went to the lecture. We did not go to the lecture because Nancy was sick.

Feb 1x – Pleasant but cold. Nancy went over to Pa’s this morning and Will came over and I came home with him, stoped and got Nancy. Mrs White was at our house, stayed all night. Took 2.40 worth of Gems.

Feb 2x – Pleasant But cold. Will and Nancy & me went down and got Hannah. Pa, Ma & James came up and got her in the evening. Nancy is sick. White went home this after noon.

Feb 3 – Stormy. I went to Kal[41] with Fathers team. Went down on the north side of the river came back on the south side, got home half past twelve. Helped shell corn and draw wood. Nancy is sick.

Feb 4 – Pleasant. We are at Fathers yet. Nancy is sick, she has gone to bed. I have taken one dollar and seventy five cents worth of gems to day. Helped Amos move his book case to day.

Feb 5 – Pleasant. We are at home again and Hannah is with us. I have been very busy to day printing and takeing gems. Nancy is sick to day. I went down town this evening a little while.

Feb 6 – Warm and pleasant. Hannah is at our house yet. Wrote to Dr. Sullings to day. Printed and took 2 gems. I have got my prints all mounted. Nancy and Hannah have gone to bed. Pa was here to day. Ethan is sick.

Feb 7 – Warm and Pleasant. Nancy has had a very hard headache all day. Galesburg was favored with an auction store to day. I bought me a pair of boots and Nancy a pair of slippers.

Feb 8x – Stormy and warm, grew cold on toward night. Nancy is a little better to night but pretty tired. I went down to the band room to night, bought Nancy a pair of shoes.

Feb 9x – Pleasant and warm. Hannah went home to night with Pa and Louesa[42] is going to stay over here a few days. Nancy is beter to day than she has been in two weeks most.

Feb 10 – Pleasant. Business dull. Sis is here yet. I went over to the auction store to night and made them give me a Blacking brush. Went to bed about seven o’clock.

Feb 11 – Pleasant. I have printed to day. Mr Burgess came up to night and said print the rest of those photos. Sad affair happened to night. Miss Carrie Homles sent her picture back.

Feb 12 – Pleasant. Printed to day one picture of Will McColum. Nancy is sick to day. I took two negatives of the M. E. church to day. Took 2 gems and a negative of Guss Hiney to day.

Feb 13x – Cloudy and snowed a little, cold. I have not done any thing to day but sit around and gap and stretch and stretch and gap and gap and stretch and stretch and gap and, and, and, and, and, and.

Feb 14 – Pleasant. Dull day, did not have any thing to do to day But Print and only a few prints to make.

Feb 15 – Pleasant to day. Had more gems to take to day than I have had before in many a day. Father was here this evening and so were Pa & Ma, Mary and Carrie Plank. Louesa went home to night.

Feb 16xx – Pleasant but cloudy. We have been alone to day for the first time in most two weeks. Father and Mother were here this evening a little while. Nancy is better to day than she has been in two or three days.

Feb 17 – Most a splendid day. I have took quite a lot of pictures to day But to day has been the worse day that I ever saw with me. Every thing has went ass end foremost, a topsy turvey. Will was over to night to ask us to go up to Mr Fords tomorrow evening.

Feb 18 – Pleasant. Louis was here to day. Nancy went up home with her so to go to Mr Flanderes[43] to night. She was sick and had to go to bed. Miss Earl and Miss Allerton were there. We stayed all night.

Feb 19 – Pleasant. Henry brought us home this morning and I have done some business since if I know myself. Miss Mary Warren commenced work in my room to day. Nancy is better. Letters from Loyd & Ely.

Feb 20x – Pleasant in the forenoon but snowed in the afternoon. Printed to day. Henry Keith starts for New York to night. I expect Allice Carey was here this afternoon a little while. Got a letter from Walzl (?) to day.

Feb 21- Pleasant part of the day and stormy the rest of it. I cleaned my show case to day. Took 2 gems of Misty Chafey.[44] Kate & Louis were here to day with Pa, did not stay very long.

Feb 22 – Stormy and cold. Printed a little to day and have got it mounted. Have not done any bussiness to day, only took in 1.50. Nancy has got sore lips. I have had a headache ever since last night, better.

Feb 23x – Stormy, very cold and some blustering. Father came over to night and brought us some apples and butter and some egg, two pies, some cabage cut up cold, amen.

Feb 24 – Cold and blustering but some warmer than it was yesterday. I have not done much work to day. Took one neg of Zell Glligan and two gems. Ethen stoped here to day when he went to Kal to take his lesson. He said Ma was coming over tomorrow.

Feb 25 – Pleasant. No business to day but John Carey and wife and they are business if I know any thing about business. I have taken four or five negatives a piece of them and now I dont expect they will be suited.

Feb 26x – Cloudy. Comenced snowing about four oclock and snows yet (9 o’clock). Not very cold. Pa and Ma were here to day. Last night after we got to bed, Will, Ed and Chub, Louesa, Stella ang Clara came to visit us.

Feb 27x – Snowed all day. Father came over to day to get the horses shod and mother came along and they stayed all of the afternoon. I have taken one baby’s picture to day. Mary was here to day.

Feb 28 – Cloudy and warm to day. No business at all. Received a letter from E. P. Wightman to day. Pa went up to Howlands to mill to day. Nancy got 3 yds of Calico to day and 5# Sugar.

Mar 1 – Cloudy and some dull. Vilage caucus to day, some excitement at the caucus about officers. Nancy went over to Pa’s today and I went over at night and Ethan took us down to Fathers.

Mar 2x – Cloudy and sunshiney by spells. I got one hundred a fifty dollars of Aunt Julia to day and gave my note payable on demand at “10 pr ct”. Father signed it with me. Dated tomorow. Hannah is sick abed to night. (back)

Mar 3 – Pleasant. Lection to day of Vilage officers. I took 4 gems and 2 negatives to day. Father came over to night and got Nancy and me to go to Kalamazoo to morrow to that law suit. Nancy is going to stay to Pa’s tomorow.

Mar 4 – Pleasant to day but cold. Fathers and Allertons[45] suit comenced to day. I went over home last night and stayed all night to Fathers and in the morning I went and took N down to Pa’s and got him and took him to K.

Mar 5 – Pleasant and a little warmer than yesterday. At law to day again. Got done takeing testamony today and the lawyers got through talking law to the judge. We went home before they adjourned.

Mar 6 – Pleasant an warmer again to day but it was the coldest morning we have had an at leaste it froze the hardest in our rooms last night. Verdct renderd to day. Gave Father 22 dollars and all of the costs. Nancy came home to night.

Mar 7 – Pleasant. A dull day to day. Printed to day, did not have very good luck. Will Plank was here to day. He was out here on Allertons law sute, went home to day.

Mar 8 – Pleasant but windy. Eb was here to day and said he would go in with me if he could get the money. I have taken nine negatives to day. Jacks[46] people are here to night.

Mar 9 – Snowed last night and all day to day. Snow is now 6 or 8 in deap. I have worked all day to recouching negatives and fixing up things around a little.

Mar 10 – Pleasant But not much business.

Mar 11 – Pleasant part of the day. Printed to day and took in seven dollars. Father was here to day a little while. He went to Howlands burg to mill today. Mrs Alfred talked some of buying me out to day.

Mar 12 – Pleasant. Mrs Alfred is talking some of buying me out to day again but dont think she will hardly do it. I have taken two neg’s to day and three tin types.

Mar 13 – Pleasant. I printed to day and sold out to Mrs Alfred in part to day. Busines has been prety lively to day. Went to the bell ringers to night.

Mar 14 – Pleasant. Hannah and Ida were a visiting this afternoon and they and Mary P., Ethan and Henry were here to supper to night. Will was here this evening a little while.

Mar 15 – Rainey and windy. Eberly was here to day and we comenced takeing an Inventory of property that I am to put into trade. James was here to day. We came prety near haveing a fire in town to night.

Mar 16 – Pleasant to day and I printed. Last night the wind blew so hard that it shook the house. Will came over to day and went to church. He took our dirty cloths home with him.

Mar 17 – Not very pleasant to day nor very bad weather. Finished up pictures all day to day. Comenced haveing a sore throat to day but did not think it would amount to much. I went down to see about some lumber but did not buy any.

Mar 18 – Cloudy. I got up this morning and built two fires and loped around till after breakfast and then took two neg’s for Dalenbeck of his wind mill, then went to bed stayed all day. Ma, Pa, Father, Jim, Becky[47] & Mrs Plank were here to day.

Mar 19 – Cloudy. Ma stayed to Mr Hoags all night, came here and stayed to night. Father and Mother were here to day. I was sick all day. Nancy she did not feel very well. Ethan started to come over after Ma to night and Bill[48] ran away, broke the wagon all up.

Mar 20 – Cloudy and some stormy. Ma went home with Lowis before breakfast as she was over to bring the boys to take the Cars for Plainwell. Nancy is sick to day and I am better. Hannah came over to day with Father. Ethan was here also.

Mar 21 – Cloudy and blustering. Mrs Alfred comenced moveing in to day. Will came over to see how we were this morning and Ethan this afternoon. “We are.” Nancy worse, I am beter. Hannah is here yet. I must go to bed as I am tired. Worked to day.

Mar 22 – Pleasant. Mrs Alfred took her first pictures to day in this room. Father and Will were here to day. Ethan was here to night. Hannah is here yet. Eberly was here to day, spoke to Hannah to day.

Mar 23 – Pleasant. We have been packing up to day so to moove tomorrow. Hannah is here. Our people were here to night, all but Will and Arthur was with them. Father is comeing down tomorrow to moove us.

Mar 24 – Cloudy. We mooved to day. Mooved part of our things over to Pa’s and part over to Fathers. Nancy is not very well.

Mar 25 – Cloudy. I took three negatives of Ethan too day and two of Allie Wightman. Nancy is sick to day. Ethan got some rice and I got a beef bone and we had soop for supper.

Mar 26 – Cloudy. Nancy is sick, had Dr Alfred over to see her this morning. He said she only had the sore throat. Printed to day with Mrs Alfred, had very good luck. Rode home with Wolcott.

Mar 27 – Pleasant. I came over this morning and mounted my prints and retuched them and Eli took 6 home of Allie. Nancy had a trance[49] this evening and she felt better after it.

Mar 28 – Pleasant in the forenoon and rainey in the afternoon. I went to Battle Creek to day. Nancy is better to day and I am worse. I did not have any success at Battle Creek.

Mar 29 – Cloudy and some rainey to day. I stayed to home to day all day. Nancy and me were both worse to day. Ethan and me sawed wood to day a little while and then I went to bed.

Mar 30 – Pleasant part of the day and rainey part of the day. We were at Pa’s yet, have been here ever since last Monday night and dont know how long we shall remain here. Mr Planks people were at Pa’s to dinner to day.

Mar 31 – Pleasant but mudy and weather raw. I went to Vixburg to day. Went down to Kalamazoo on Accomidation at 9.53 A.M. and started from K. to V. at 4.15 P.M., started from V. to K. 7.10 P.M., started from K. to G. 9.30 P.M., got home at 11.00 oclock P.M.

Apr 1 – Rainey part of the day. I went to Augusta to day to see about getting a set of rooms to photograph in but did not succeed. We have been at Pas one week and a day and now we are at Fathers to stay a week or two.

Apr 2 – Stormy. I went over to the burg and got some pictures an other traps and mooved them over to our folkses. I cracked some black walnuts and butternuts to day. I was told to get some things at Pas but forgot them.

Apr 3 – Pleasant. I went down to Pas in the morning to get some things and ask Ethan to go with me up to Mr Flanderes and we went in the after noon. Aunt Mary Crawford[50] came to day. We went down to see her in the Evening with Pa.

Apr 4 – Pleasant. Ben Harthy came here last night to go to work to day. We commenced mooveing fence but we only mooved one load and then the sawyers came and we had to saw in the afternoon. I went up and got Skinners[51] hired man at noon.

Apr 5 – Pleasant. I helped saw again to day but was so lame that I could not do much but drive, so I quit at 3 o’clock and went to the burg. Pa and Ma went up to Aunt Kates to day. Miss Yawger was here to night.

Apr 6 – Stormy. Nancy, Hannah and myself went up to Aunt Kates to day. Aunt Kate is layd up with a burnt arm. She fell into a pot of boiling sugar. Lucy[52] is sick with epizoot. Hellen York[53] and her children[54] were there.

Apr 7 – Stormy. Town meeting to day. Father and me both staid away from town meeting. I went to the burg and got two loads of goods this forenoon and sawed wood in the afternoon. Got through.

Apr 8 – Stormy. Will an me went up to Fords to take up a load of traps for Boardman. I went to gales burg and got 32 yds calico for a tent and dress for Nancy and some other things, amt 4.72.

Apr 9 – Stormy. I sewed on the tent in the forenoon and Nancy helped me. She worked on it alone in the afternoon and I went up in the woods and choped a load of wood and then came down and got the team and drew it down to Pas.

Apr 10 – Pleasant. Went downd to Pa’s to day and went to ceeping house. I went over to the burg this morning and got some glass and pictures and some other things. Hannah went up to Fords to day “quilting.”

Apr 11 – It comenced raining last evening and rained some all night and a little this morning. Hannah got home this morning. I tinkerd all day on things to Photo ___ with. Pleasant this afternoon.

Apr 12 – Snowed last night about one inch. I went down to Fathers this morning and got some things and then went to the burg and got some groceries and chemicals. Went to the burg again this afternoon and got some meat.

Apr 13 – A very pleasant day to day. I wrote a letter to Loyd to day. Jimmie[55] and me went a guming to day up in Schrams woods. Pa went and took Ethan and Han up to Aunt Katies. Father and Mother went up to Uncle Woods[56] to day.

Apr 14 – Pleasant. I worked all day most trying to take pictures and working Cheimicals. Found that my dark tent was too light so went over to the Burg and got twelve yds more calico.

Apr 15 – Cloudy and some rainey to day. I worked on tent all of the forenoon and tried it and it worked first rate. I made envelopes this afternoon. Jimmie went to the Burg this forenoon and stayed all of the forenoon.

Apr 16 – Cloudy but not so bad as yesterday. I made 44 sticks for Nancy to curl her hair on. Went to the Burg in the afternoon and when I got back Ethan and me mooved the Privy. Father and Will Plowed to day.

Apr 17 – Stormy most of the time to day. Will Plank came here to day. Ethan, Will and me played crochet to day. Father went up to Mr Samples Auction to day. Will went to the Burg this afternoon. Nancy and me have got the toothache.

Apr 18 – Cloudy and raw. I played crochet with Will P., Ethan an Lou. I went to the Burg to day and got some cod fish oil, cloth and some thill[57] straps. Made the straps my self. Nancy and me bothe got the tooth ache to night.

Apr 19 – Pleasant. Very. I albumenized some glass to day and took some pictures. Took one picture of Laton and his peddle wagon. Ethan went to Kalamazoo to day and got some lines and a mane strap. Paid 95 cts for them.

Apr 20 – Pleasant but Some cloudy and a raw wind. Looked some like a storm. It snowed a little and rained a little. Henry and Will were here to day. Ethan and me were down to Fathers a little while.

Apr 21 – Cloudy and raw. We went down to Fathers to day. I took a negative of the house to day. I helped Will tar the boat to day and the tar got a fire. I played 5 games of crochet with Hannah this morning.

Apr 22 – Snow storm last night and this morning. It fell about six inches deep but it is almost gone now. Ethan has been working all day on patent right street car starter.[58] He and me went to the Burg this afternoon.

Apr 23 – Pleasant to day. I printed to day in the forenoon and plowed in the afternoon for Father. Mounted my prints about half past four in the afternoon. Ethan went over to the Burg this afternoon. He rode with H. D. Streeter Esq.[59]

Apr 24 – Pleasant. I finished up pictures this forenoon and helped wash. Went over to Galesburg in the afternoon. I go so Creisote[60] to put on my tooth. Ethan has been at work on modle all day.

Apr 25x – Pleasant. Henry came home from Elkhart last night and stoped at Pa’s and stayed all night and untill about noon to day. Ethan has been at work at modle. I have been loafing all day. Nancy is sick some to day.

Apr 26 – Not Very Pleasant to day but still it was not so bad that Ethan and me went to Kalamazoo. I had my tooth pulled to day. Got 2# Nitric and 2#Muriatic acid, One box Concentrated Lye. We stoped at Aunt Kates and got supper.

Apr 27 – Pleasant. Ethan and me went a guming to day. Will went to church to day on town. We had a mess of greens to day and three Roosters. Hannah and Ethan went up to the woods to day.

Apr 28 – Cloudy and sprinkled some. I went out a little while to day and tryed to get a job but could not so I came home again. Was gone from home six hours. I agreed to go and help Father to morrow.

Apr 29 – Pleasant. I comenced working for Father to day, worked all day. Ethan has got his modle done. John T. Allerton licked and drove his gray mare all the forenoon in a shamefull manner.[61] Ida Barber stayes with Hannah to night.

Apr 30 – Pleasant. I plowed for Father to day. He and mother and Will went to Kalamazoo to day. Ethan and Hellen Randall went with them. Will stayed all night with Charley Flecher.

May 1 – Cold this forenoon and Rained this afternoon. I worked untill ten o’clock and then turned out on account of the rain. Put the team in Pas barn until after dinner and then went down to Fathers with the team.

May 2 – Rainey in the morning but pleasant in the afternoon. I went down to Fathers, helped him run through a load of wheat for market and then I went up in the woods and split fence stakes until noon. Afternoon helped run through another load of wheat and then went to the Burg.

May 3 – Rainey in the morning but cleared off about nine o’clock. I worked in garden in the forenoon. Worked for Father in the afternoon at plowing. Mr Warren came over to see me about getting my life Insured.

May 4 – Pleasant all day. We were at home all day. Ethan and Hannah and Henry went down to Aunt Kates to day and Henry and Ethan went to Kalamazoo after medicine. I wrote to Dr Johnson to day and sent him 1.00.

May 5 – Pleasant. I plowed for Father all day. Will went over to the burg to day. Father went over this mor afternoon after noon and got some plaster. Lew Bristol[62] was at Fathers to day.

May 6 – Pleasant. I plowed for Father to day. Ethan went to town to day and got twelve dollars and a half on “pattent right.” He bought him a pair of pants and a necktie. Nancy wrote to Johnson today.

May 7 – Rainey all day to day but I plowed until about half past three P.M. Lowis was here to day. Halley comenced marking for corn. Father comenced draging this afternoon. Eliza Jane Ridler staid here to night.

May 8 – Rainey all day but cleared off about night. I went over to the Burg in the morning and got my boots repaired. Ethan and me worked all day on a bracket saw. Got it so that it worked first rate. Jack Bristol was married to day.[63]

May 9 – Pleasant in the forenoon and rained in the afternoon. I plowed for Father in the forenoon and in the afternoon Ethan and me worked on sawing machine. Nancy and me went up to Fathers and stayed all night.

May 10 – Cloudy all day, rained some. I worked at burning brush for Father in the forenoon and plowed and draged in the afternoon. Will went over to the Burg to night. Nancy came home when I went to plowing at noon.

May 11 – Rained in the morning and cloudy and cold the rest of the day. Hannah went up to Mr Giddings last night to help Susan. She has a little girl 2 or three days old.[64] Ethan and me went up to the saw mill.

May 12 – Pleasant but windy. Draged, plowed and Planted to day. Put in a full day. We comenced planting corn to day. Finished plowing for corn to day.

May 13 – Pleasant but windy. I planted corn ¾ of the day for Father and set out 49 cabbage plants. Ethan and I went over to Galesburg to night. Mr Halley[65] comenced planting to day. Pa and Ethan helped him.

May 14 – Pleasant but threatning rain. I planted corn and potatoes up to the west place in the forenoon and planted corn at the east place this afternoon. Mr Halley finished to day. Mrs and Miss Barber, Mother and Aunt Julia were here visiting to day.

May 15 – Pleasant but threatning rain. Planted corn for father to day, finished about five o’clock. Father and Will went over to the burg and Ethan went with them. He helped me plant part of the afternoon.

May 16 – Very Pleasant. I went down to Fathers this morning and worked at the compost until 9 oclock and then came down and went to putting it on the corn. Worked a little while and then came home and had the ague.[66] Took a dose of Pills to night.

May 17 – Pleasant. Pa delivered his heifer to day. I helped him drive her over to the burg. I stayed to the burg until half past two P.M. Talked trade with E. P. W.[67] some to day but did not come very neer tradeing. I sent Dr Johnson for medicine for Nancy.

May 18 – Pleasant to day to some but I have not spent a very day. I had a very hard fit of ague. Father and Mother came down to night and we went home with them to stay all night.

May 19 – Some rainey but we went to town. Ethan came down and rode with us. Nancy stayed to Aunt Katies while Ethan and I went to Kalamazoo. The great Eastern show was in Kalamazoo. They had three band wagons and one steam piano, 26 dens[?], 1 small Elephant, 2 camels, 10 couple Ladies and Gentlemen on horse back.

May 20 – Rainey this morning but cleared off in the afternoon. I had the ague all night last night and all day to day but sat up a little while along toward night. Father plowed a little piece down by the bottom land for potatoes. Nancy got her medicine.

May 21 – Pleasant. I have not got the ague to day so I go a greening down on the bottom land and get some horse radish and grate it and some artichokes and pickle them. Ethan Finished plowing today.

May 22 – Rained last night but pleasant to day. I escaped the ague last night but felt pretty bad in the forenoon, felt better in the afternoon. Ethan and I went a fishing, caught a quite mess. I feel better tonight.

May 23 – Pleasant but windy. I worked some to day. “Put in about ¼ of a day for father”. Mart Millham and wife and Child[68] were here to day. Ethan planted for Towns[69] people. They had to plant over.

May 24 – Pleasant. I put in ½ day helping Father plant potatoes. I went over to town in the Evening. Ethan, Sis and Hannah went up to Aunt Katies. Sis stayed all night and Net Whetmore came home with H and E.

May 25 – Pleasant. I have been at home all day. Nancy has been sick. Hannah and Ethan went to take Nettie Whitmore up to Aunt Katies. E Henry Keith was here a little while this afternoon and Henry Rodgers and little girl.

May 26 – Pleasant but threatning rain. Worked all day to day. Drew straw in the forenoon and piled lumber and choped in the afternoon. Nancy is better to night. Will was complaining of being sick to night. Ethan went to Kal. rode back with M. O. Streator.

May 27 – Warm and Showery. ¾ of a day worked at building and repairing fence. Ida and Libbie Allen were here this afternoon. Pa and Ma went down to Fathers to night. Pa went up to Fords after a brass kettle.

May 28 – Pleasant. Worked all day for Father. Nancy and Ma and Hannah came up to Fathers this afternoon. Nancy and me are going to stay all night. Father and me built fence all day. Will plowed.

May 29 – Pleasant. I worked all day Fixing fence and triming orchard. It looks like rain and sprinkled a little, the wind blows quite hard. Will was sick all day with the ague.

May 30 – Pleasant. I worked ¾ of a day for Father and he worked ¼ of a day for me. Nancy was taken sick this after noon and between 9 and 10 she gave birth to twins, both boys, one was dead and the other lived about two hours.

May 31 – Pleasant. I remained in the house all day with Nancy. She feels pretty well considering if she would give up the baby’s. She feels awful bad about loseing them and dont want to give them up. When she sleeps she talks about them all the time. Frost this morning.

Jun 1 – Pleasant. Frost this morning. Nancy is not as well this morning. She feels weak and aches all over. She is better this afternoon. Lowis, Mrs Skinner,[70] Arthur, Uncle Ed and Aunt Hannah[71] were here to see Nancy, and Henry Keith and Will Clark.[72]

Jun 2 – Pleasant. Nancy is better. I worked about a third of the time to day for Father and the rest of the time I was with Nancy. Lowis, Henry, Louesia, Ethan, Hannah, Ma, Mrs Ford and Tamer were here to day.

Jun 3 – Pleasant. Nancy is better. I worked ¼ of a day. Tip, Rass, Sate, Schram, Jim were here to day. Hannah came up, stay all night. I finished moovening the lane fences day. Allertons cattle were on Fathers to day.

Jun 4 – Pleasant. Nancy is getting better. I worked ¾ of a day. Eberley came along and stoped to Pa’s and asked if he could lay down as he was very sick so Ethan let him have the Lounge and then went and carried him home.

Jun 5 – Pleasant, very warm. Nancy is not quite so well to day. I worked my poll tax[73] to day. Mrs Skinner and Lowis were here this afternoon. Hannah went home a foot to night.

Jun 6 – Pleasant and very warm, Nancy is on the gain. I worked all day cultivating corn. Ma came home with me at night & Ethan came up and got her at dark. Nellie Stanford called this evening and Harry was at Pa’s.

Jun 7 – Pleasant and very warm. Nancy better. I worked all day, cultivated in the forenoon and washed sheep in the afternoon. Hannah came up with us at noon. Will went to town after we got through washing sheep.

Jun 8 – Pleasant, warm and looks as if it wood rain. Lowis was here this morning and Willie and Ethan and Milhams were here. Willis went to the consert with the horses and buggy. Nancy sat up and had her dress on.

Jun 9 – Pleasant but very warm. Nancy is not quite so well to day. Ma came up with me at noon. I put in 2/3 of a day cultivating corn. I went to the burg and got my hair cut and carried Mrs Alfred some chemicals ½# Ether, 1 pt Alcohol, ½# Colodion.

Jun 10 – Pleasant but dry and warm. I worked all day, drew stone in the forenoon and hoed corn in the afternoon. I went to bed with the ague before dark. Louesa staid here all night. Father and Will went to Kalamazoo this afternoon.

Jun 11 – Very Hot, dry, dusty unhealthy weather. I got up this morning and went from the parlo bed room to mothers and got into her bed and did not get out until three o’clock. Nancy is about as usual.

Jun 12 – Hot & Dry Weather. I got up this morning and tryed not to have the ague but it comenced shakeing me a bout 8 oclock and I did not feel like getting up. Was sick all night. I slept or layed and rolled in Mothers bed. Hannah slept with Nancy. Nancy had the ague.

Jun 13 – Hot and dry. Nancy feels better I believe but still feels aguey. I got up this morning and tryed to get to the table but could not so I went back to bed and could not get up until three oclock. The hardest ague fit I ever had I think.

Jun 14 – Hot and dry. Nancy feels some like the ague and she lays down on the lounge and Father puts her to sleep and she sweats it off. I go to bed and shake an hour and a half and then fever and sweats. Get up at ½ past three.

Jun 15 – Hot and dry. Nancy is not quite so well. I am better, did not have the ague. Ma came up here yesterday and stayed all night. Ethan and Hannah came up after them to night. Pa’s old hen (Grannie) died about 5 oclock.

Jun 16 – Hot and dry. Nancy is better. I got up and went back to bed again with the ague before seven o’clock. Mr Cross and Guss Gidings sheared sheep for Father to day. I had the belly ache pretty hard all the afternoon. Father had about 200# of wool, was offered 40 cts for it.

Jun 17 – Hot and dry. Nancy is better. I got up feeling pretty well and have felt pretty well all day. Pa went up to Aunt Katies after Ma. She went up last night with Uncle Joe[74] this morning before four o’clock and got back about four oclock PM.

Jun 18 – Hot and dry. Nancy is better. I have not had the ague but felt pretty bad all day. Lowis was here in the forenoon. Father went to Kalamazoo and when he got back he and I went to the burg to get some tinkering done.

Jun 19 – Hot and dry. Nancy is still better. I feel pretty well. Father commenced haying. I went down home a horse back twice and up to Dell’s[75] a foot. It looks some like rain to night. Hannah was here a little while. Mrs Seymor came over to help Ma weave.

Jun 20 – Hot and dry. Ethan and me went to Brady. Started from home ½ past five. Got home about ½ past ten. I went to see about getting a room to take pictures in. Heard about Lyons and concluded to start for there in the morn.

Jun 21 – Hot and dry. Ethan took me to Kalamazoo to the cars. Started from home at 5 oclock, left Kal at 8 am, arived at Rapids at 10.30 am, left Rapids at 11.20 am, arived at Muir 1.20 pm. Done up the business I could to day and started for Dickersons, arived there 7.10 pm, walked all the way.

Jun 22 – At Dickersons. It comenced raining about 9.00 Am and stoped about noon. We all went over to Marys after it stoped raining. She came back with us. Lewis went to see his chickey-bidey and did not get back until one oclock.

Jun 23 – At Dickersons. Threatning rain. Mr Dickerson took me down to Muir, got there about seven o’clock. Made arangements with Jay Olmstead about rent, got the refusal of his room until next Monday. Got home at 9 pm.

Jun 24 – At home. Some rainey. I have felt prety near used up to day. Nancy is well enough to come home and Lowis came and brought her home. Father and me went over to the burg to night after supper.

Jun 25 – Pleasant but hot. I went down to Fathers to help him but Lewis Bristol came and took my place so I came home and packed up some goods. Went to the Burg and sent Jay Olmsted rent, ten dollars. Got box and some nails.

Jun 26 – Pleasant. I have worked all day packing. Have got things pretty near packed. Father took his wool down to the burg to night. Ethan went down to Aunt Katies and got some Cabbage plants.

Jun 27 – Pleasant, two little showers. I worked all day cultivating corn. Was pretty near tired to death at night. Ethan worked for Dell haying. Jim went down and stayed with Will to night. Frank Tousley got his leg broke last night jumping off the cars.

Jun 28 – Pleasant but hot. I worked for Father ¾ of to day. Took the mowing machine apart and fixed it in the forenoon and worked in garden in the afternoon. Went to the burg after supper. Bill Mathews youngest child was drowned thursday 4 pm, buried yesterday.

Jun 29 – Warm and rainey. I have been at home all day. Nancy is not very well to day. Lowis, Mrs Skinner and Sate were here this afternoon. Father was here this morning. Jim went down to Fathers to stay all night.

Jun 30 – Cool, rained some in the forenoon. I worked for Father all day dragging the follow and Father sowed the buckwheat and dragged it in. Nancy is better, she finished my shirts to day and comenced her an apron. I feel pretty good to day.

Jul 1 – Hot sun, cool wind and showery. I have worked all day for Father. He went to mill over to Comstalk, took 4 bushels over for Pa. I wrote a letter to Dr Johnson for aunt Julia. Father went to the burg to night.

Jul 2 – Showery. I went down to the burg with my goods this forenoon. Arthur was to the burg and I came over with him. He staid to Fathers until five oclock. We ground the cradle and knives and killed a sheep.

Jul 3 – Showery. Ethan and me went to the burg and I shiped my goods to Lyons. Father comenced harvesting. I did not get to work until about eleven oclock, quit at half past three pm. I borrowed 500 of Osgood and went over to night and paid him, or I paid it to his clerk.

Jul 4 – Showery. I went up to Fathers this morning to harvest but we could not do anything for rain, so I staid at home until noon and then went down again. We came down and finished cutting this piece on the corner. Ma’s brother and wife[76] came this afternoon.

Jul 5 – Pleasant for the first time in a week. Worked for Father harvesting. Got about half of the piece at home done. Ma’s brother people went home to day. Allerton shut Fords cattle up at noon and went and notified him at sundown.

Jul 6 – Pleasant and cool. I set out some of Fathers wheat this morning and at night set it up again. Pa and ma went up to Aunt Katies. Father and Mother went up to Uncle Edds. Ethan went up to Skinners.

Jul 7 – Pleasant in the forenoon and until about six o’clock and then it comenced raining and rained until bed time. We drew four loads and one jag of wheat. Randall has most of his wheat cut and it lays on the ground in bunches.

Jul 8 – Pleasant and cool. We worked at harvesting. We had only Streator to help us. Ethan was sick to day so he had to lay off. Sate came down and staid all night. Aunt Julia got a letter from P. T. “Barnum” “Johnson” to day and he told what ails her.[77]

Jul 9 – Cool wind, some showery, but we drew wheat all day. Got all of our wheat that grew on our own land. Father went to the burg to night. I rode home and Nancy was ready to go to Fathers so when Dell came along we went to stay two or three days.

Jul 10 – Pleasant, some cloudy and cool. Harvested all day. Nancy has been picking berries. Will has been complaining some to day. I am some lame and I feel some as though I might have the ague.

Jul 11 – Very Pleasant. Harvested all day. Nancy picked cherries some to day. Streator, Father and John Culver went to the burg to night. Eberly drove on the machine all day. Nancy is feeling pretty bad to night.

Jul 12 – Warm, looks some like rain to night. Hank worked for Father. They finished cutting wheat this forenoon, drew in nine loads in Mr Streators barn and four in Fathers. Will raked the wheat stubble up to the other place and part of this down here. Arthur Arms[78] came down to night. He is going to stay all night. (I[79] wrote for Hank, he was tired).

Jul 13 – Pleasant but warm. We drew wheat all day. Father paid me twenty dollars to night. Finished harvesting to day. Our folks came and brought us home to night. Hannah went up to Aunt Katies to stay all sumer.

Jul 14 – Very warm. I comencdced packing my Chest this morning. Went over to the burg in the forenoon, rested some in the afternoon and Nancy and me went up to Fathers just night. Very warm to night.

Jul 15 – Very warm. I started for Muir 11.35 am, had to wait in Jackson almost three hours, arived at Muir about half past ten pm. I was very warm. The chest was some racked but not seriously. Stayed at the Olmstead house.

Jul 16 – Warm and showery. I commenced on packing my goods in Muir. I have woorked pretty hard to day and am pretty tired to night. My goods came from detroit to day and were all right. I am going to lodge myself to night.

Jul 17 – Warm and showery. I have worked all day streightning things around. Have not got quite done yet. Am pretty tired. Sent a letter to Nancy to day. Run in debt to day for some curtains.

Jul 18 – Pleasant and cool. I tried to take pictures to day for the first in Muir. Did not have very good success at first but did better. Took two for a little boy, very good ones. I have had the blues like thunder, and home-sick as a dog.

Jul 19 – Pleasant and cool. I took my first negative this morning in Muir. Chemicals dont work worth a snap yet. I was so home-sick to day that all I ate I had to crowd down with a fork. Pewamo Band up here to night to give a Concert for benefit of Muir Band.

Jul 20 – Pleasant and cool. I went to church this forenoon to the Presb church and after dinner which was at 2 pm I took a stroll over to Lyons to a lecture at the Presb church in the evening, sub Prear[?] Test.

Jul 21 – Pleasant and cool. I got up this morning and worked all day. Took two dollars worth of gems to day. Loafed around all the evening. Went up to see the editor of the Grand River Hereld about advertiseing for me.

Jul 22 – Pleasant and warm. I have had a pretty good day for business to day, took two negatives and a good many positives. Took in 3.90 and some more that I have not got yet. I expected a letter from Nancy to day.

Jul 23 – Warm but otherwise pleasant. I received a nice long letter from Nina[80] today and answered it. I have worked hard but have not accomplished much. Bought 13 yds cambric for curtains.

Jul 24 – Warm but Pleasant. Mary Holbrook was here. I went over and played with the Brass band a little while to night. I think I will write a letter to Ethan to night. I have taken pictures just a week and have taken in 13.90.

Jul 25 – Warm but pleasant, looks some like rain. I printed a little to day. I went to band meeting to night and played with the boys. Today has been the dullest day since I comenced business here. I put my name up to day on my sign.

Jul 26 – Warm but pleasant. I have not been very busy to day but still have had enough to do for cumfort. I went up north about 2 mi with the band to practice and we came back and played in town.

Jul 27 – Very warm. I have been very lonesome to day. Went to church to the Deciple to night. I wrote a letter to Nina and one to Geo. R. Angell ordering a back ground and some other fixings and chemicals. I have had the blues to day.

Jul 28 – Warm, had a very nice shower to day. I took two Lagruners[?] pictures with just their pants on. They were pretty drunk. I went over to Lyons and painted three places on the fence (Photos at Muir). Sent a letter and a paper and some Photos to Nina.

Jul 29 – Very Pleasant. I recived a letter from Nina to day. Was most tickeld to death to hear from her again. I took a picture to coppy to night and make a 4-4. Mr Abby is going to let me know in the morn about rent.

Jul 30 – Very warm. I have written some to Nina to day, shall send it tomorrow if nothing happens. I drank a glass of beer and smoked a cigar to day, told Nina all about it in my letter. Went out a looking a place to rent to night but did not rent.

Jul 31 – Rainey and cool toward night. I scrubed out this morning. Took 2 gems and one negative for Ed Von Aultne[?]. I went up to Ionia to day on mail 4.30 D & M, came back 6.30 D-L-M, so cost me in all 50 cts. I bought a Warbler to charm babys with, make any kind of I noise.

Aug 1 – Pleasant part of the day and cloudy and hot. I went to bed last night feeling pretty near like haveing the ague but did not have it. I woke up and was awful sick, vomited the rest of the night and was sick most all day to day. Sweet comenced work for me to day.

Aug 2 – Pleasant. Aunt Lib and Uncle Geo[81] were down to Muir and I went to up home with them to stay all night. I left about ¼ to four in the afternoon. I did not feel very well and I thought I ought to take a little rest. We got up there about 6 oclock.

Aug 3 – Pleasant and cool. At Uncle Georges. Lewis and I went over to Marys and got her in the morning. We had green corn for dinner. After dinner Lewis took Mary and me and came within 3 miles of Muir and then I got out and he went to take Mary home.

Aug 4 – Very pleasant. It has been a rather busy day but not much pay. I ripped up my dark tent and made back ground and curtains of it. I went up and played with the band a little while then came down and got to talking with the tinner and talked until bed time.

Aug 5 – Pleasant. It has been very dull today. I got a letter from Nina and one from Mother. Comenced answering Nina’s to day. Took a negative of my room this afternoon, took a negative of Prof Bengamin, teacher of the brass band. Added 1 oz of Silver to my neg bath.

Aug 6 – Pleasant but warm. I printed to day. Was not very busy. Took in 3.00 after 4 oclock. I went to band meeting and learned one piece. I sent a letter to Nina with a picture of the Gallery and a dollar in money. I have had the blues some to day if I know myself.

Aug 7 – Pleasant and warm. I done more business to day than any day before. Went a seranading with the brass band. Had lots of wine, apples and cake. Got home after midnight a little. I am going to print tomorrow.

Aug 8 – Pleasant, but very warm. I printed to day. Have not taken in but three dollars and a quarter to day. Mr Sweet has been here part of the day. I packed a bunch of shingles to day for the first time in my life. I am lonesome to night or home sick or something.

Aug 9 – Pleasant and warm. I have been lonesome to day as bussiness has been dull. Harvey Holbrook has been here to day. Wanted me to go home with him but I could not go. I feel some like the ague but am not going to have it.

Aug 10 – Pleasant and very hot. I went to church this forenoon and then went over to see Mrs Long. She aggreed to do our washing for .40 a week and is to do mine washing and ironing until Nina gets here for the same and She furnishes soap and starch.

Aug 11 – Pleasant but very warm. Harvey Holbrook was here stoped on his way to Partland. He gave me two apples. Today has been the best day I have had since I came to Muir. I have taken 7.05. The Lyons Artist was here to day and I went over there this evening.

Aug 12 – Warm and Showery. I rec’d a letter from Nina and one from Father and mother. I have read them several times through and it does me more good to read them than it does to eat. My stomach is in a very bad condition. I never had it feel so before.

Aug 13 – Pleasant but warm. I had a pretty good day of it today. Mailed a letter to Nina and one to Faher. Sent Nina 16 dollars this afternoon. I dont fell very well yet but think I shall get along all right.

Aug 14 – Cool this forenoon and very warm in the afternoon. I printed to day. Went over to Lyons to night. It has been very dull all day out. I have taken some pictures, did not take any until after three oclock.

Aug 15 – Rainey and dull. I took 4 gems but did not get pay for them. The first day since I have been in Muir but what I took in something. I went out a seranading with the band last night. Did not get home until after midnight. Went out in the country.

Aug 16 – Pleasant and cool. I feel pretty well considering that I was out on a drunk last night. It has not been a very busy day but I have taken 6.40. I could not go to dinner so I went over about three oclock and had a boal of bred and milk.

Aug 17 – Pleasant but threatning rain. I went to church and when I came back I went to the P.O. and got a letter from Nina. She will be here in a week from next tuesday if nothing happens. I comencd answering it right off so as to get it out to morrow.

Aug 18 – Pleasant. I finished writing to my Nina to day and mailed it to her. I have been pretty busy to day takeing tintypes. Took one negative of a man on my own hook. If nothing happens I will have less flies to morrow than I have had to day as I netted my windows.

Aug 19 – Pleasant but very warm. It has been very warm to day and very dull. I rented the room over Probascos Brocks store to day and paid 4.00 in advance for them at 1.00 per week. I wrote a letter to my Mothers to day and got one from Mother.

Aug 20 – Very warm and threatning rain. I have printed to day but have not taken in a cent. I orderd a bill of goods to day. A young lady came here to day and said she would learn the trade to comence next Monday morning for 10.00.

Aug 21 – Very hot this fornoon. I did not take any pictures until afternoon. I rained very nice this afternoon. The lighning stuck one House in Muir. I got a letter from Nina to day and mailed one to her this afternoon. She sent me a bill of our goods.

Aug 22 – Very warm. I took babys pictures all the afternoon. Did not have very good success only took in 2.45. I receved a bill of goods to day, 3 yds carpet and a back ground and some other little things amt 20.75. I had to borrow 2.00 of Pussey Burt.

Aug 23 – Cooler to day, cloudy and very dull. I have not taken in a cent to day. I am strapped and worse and feel as though I could go right down through the floor. My throat is most awful sore to day, cant hardly swallow. Plainly speaking I have got the blues.

Aug 24 – Warm and pleasant. I went to church in the forenoon, staid to Sabath. I took charge of Mrs Ransoms class. I received a letter from Nina to day. She is comeing Tuesday on mail. It has been a very long day to day.

Aug 25 – Pleasant but hot. I am sick, brok out with the heat. It has been a pretty good day for busines to day. I went down to the Plaining mill to get my Frame but they had made a mistake and made it 4 ft square instead of eight.

Aug 26 – Cloudy in the morning, cleared of about noon but cloudy afternoon. Nina came to day on mail and the goods arrived here yes this morning and Hank brought them over after dinner. We ate supper at home alone to night in Muir for the first time.

Aug 27 – Pleasant but warm. I did not do much to day, awful dull only took in .50 and we got three chairs and some curtains. Went to bed pretty tired to night. Have not got settled yet but still it seems like home. We sent a letter to Ma to day.

Aug 28 – Pleasant. I took in .35 cts to day. Put up my back ground to day. Took one picture of Nina and she put it up. I helped Nina wash the woodwork to night. We sat and talked and looked out of the window a good while. Nancy is feeling pretty well.

Aug 29 – Cloudy and foggy in the morning. This morning about 6 o’clock a freight train ran into the morning express doing fearful damage, several killed and a large number wounded. At night more died through the day. I scrubbed out the Galery this afternoon. Nina went over and helped wash dishes at the hotel.

Aug 30 – Pleasant and a very dull day. Did not take in a cent. Uncle George came down and we went home with him. The past week has been the dullest week since I got up here. I am strapped and am not doing any work at all. No one comes, have not done any thing to amt to any thing since Monday.

Aug 31 – Rainey and hot. Uncle Georges folks and us went over to Marys and after supper they came and brought us home. I am pretty near sick and so is Nina. Johney Long came and brought our cloths home after I had got to bed.

Sep 1 – Pleasant But dull. Only took in .65 to day. I have got the blues pretty bad. Nancy is in a fix,[82] got so the first week which was last week. It beets the duce how I do get along. I cant help but wish that I was dead.[83] I bought some beats to day.

Sep 2 – Pleasant and very dull. I could not get any butter this morning so we had to get along with out. Nancy got up this morning sick at her stomach which estableshes the fact that she is in a fix again.

Sep 3 – Rainey and dull. I did not take in a cent all day. I expect that I will see some pretty hard times now. I dont know whether it is because my pictures dont suit or because I am such a mean unlucky cuss.

Sep 4 – Pleasant this morning. Nancy is not feeling very well. I took in four dollars and 50 cents to day, all for photographs. Retuched three negatives. I have got the blues most awful bad to day and expect to have them the rest of my days.

Sep 5 – Peasant but windy. Very dull. I have printed to day, got done about two oclock. Nancy was sick to her stomach again this morning and I have got the blues worse than ever. Oh! how I do wish I could get along without haveing the blues so.

Sep 6 – Cloudy and cold this morning. We had a fearful accident here last night. Little Jimmie Sylvester[84] was killed while playing with the cars.[85] I did not take in a cent to day but I tended to my bussines just the same.

Sep 7 – Some rainey and windy. I boiled my baths to day. Nancy is not very well so we did not go to church. She wrote a letter to Dr our folks and I wrote one to Dr Foote. We went down to the dam in the maple river just sundown.

Sep 8 – Pleasant but cool. It is very dull, not a thing to do and of corse I have got the blues like the duce. I have taken 2 gems of Mr Long to day and that is all I have done. I have made up my mind to quit business october first.

Sep 9 – Pleasant and cool. I took in 2.25 to day but it is most awful dull now days. I albuminized glass this morning. We got a letter from home this morning and one from Loyd Higgins.

Sep 10 – Pleasant. I took in 5.00 to day, the most I have taken in in a quite a while. I took a 4-4 negative of Probascos little girl which I did not get paid for and dont expect to get any thing on that as they want something two nice altogather.

Sep 11 – Pleasant and warm. I had a good day again to day, took in 5.00. The artist over at Lyons came over here and left three negatives for me to print some pictures from, two fancy pictures and a lady.

Sep 12 – Pleasant in the morning but cloudy in the afternoon and rainey. I printed to day the biggest job of printing I have had since I have been in Muir. I had very good luck printing to day. Bought 2 pr Shears.

Sep 13 – Saturday. I put up pictures all day and every one was suited that saw their pictures. I felt like the ague all day, had some fever most all day. Only took in 1.70. I got the Saturday night and got a letter from Mary Plank to Nina. I took in a little over 16. this week.

Sep 14 – Very cool but Pleasant. We went to church and like to froze to death. I dont think I will go right away unless they will try and make it comfortable. I guess I had a chill to day at any rate I felt like the ague in the afternoon and went to bed with a high fever.

Sep 15 – Cloudy and some rainey. I helped moove the stove into the other room this morning. I had to buy 4.35 worth stove pipe and a piece of zinc .75. Mary Holbrook was her to day to dinner, the first person that has eat with us in Muir.

Sep 16 – Pleasant and a little warmer than yesterday and day before. I took in over six dollars to day and went a fishing. Did not catch any but bought one and paid 30 cts for it. I was pretty near sick to night had a mustard plaster on my back and front.

Sep 17 – Cool and rainey all day. I have retuched two negs to day. Have not taken in a cent but have been in my rooms all day. I feel a little better than I did yesterday. We received a letter from Ma last night.

Sep 18 – Pleasant. I took in 8.50 to day and have retuched some negs or some on one negative. I am at work on one of the worse negatives now that I ever saw in my life I believe. I got a bill of goods to day amt 5.30.

Sep 19 – Pleasant and cold. I have printed to day and shall mount them this evening if nothing happens. I bought a load of wood to day paid 2.00 for it. We looked for Ethan some to day but he did not come. I shall look tomorrow.

Sep 20 – Pleasant and cool. I spotted out pictures all day to day. Only took in 1.45 to day. I took two pictures of Mrs Burt but did not get my pay. I went to the train to see if Ethan came but he did not and I was awful disipointed to think he did not come.[86]

Sep 21 – Cloudy but pleasant. I was disturbed from my peaceful slumbers last night or this morning rather about half past two by somebody knocking and went to the door and found Ethan there. We got up and prepaired a place for him to sleep.

Sep 22 – Rainey and cool this morning. Ethan is here yet. He started frome here about half past 11 eleven oclock. It has been a very dull day to day and I have broke a 4-4 negative of Mrs. Fers.

Sep 23 – Cloudy and dull. I took in $3.37 cts to day. We went to the circus in the evening. It was the best circus I ever went to. Nancy is about sick. She has a sore throat and we have booth got bad colds. I got a letter from Horise Utica Ny.

Sep 24 – Cloudy and dull. I paid Probasco to day for rent on building 4.00. He took the picture of his little girl at 3.00. I received 2 more offers to day, answerd them.

Sep 25 – Cloudy and dull. I received more offers to day and answerd them. I have taken in almost 5.00 to day. We received a crock of Butter from Mother to day. Nancy is not very well at present.

Sep 26 – Pleasant. Took 3 negatives but did not take in any money until evening and then I took in 1.20. Sold two frames to Mrs Wagar. It was cold this morning but grew warm toward night and was quite warm.

Sep 27 – Pleasant and very warm. I have took in 8.50 to day. Got a letter from Uncle H Crawford.[87] Says I can have a job if I come. I expect a job of photo soon so I shant go.

Sep 28 – Rainey and dark. I printed all day to day. Dont think I shall try to print any more in Muir. Nancy is not very well but is better than she was. I went up to Mrs Longs to take the dirty clothes up and.

Sep 29 – Rainey again to day. I Finished up my pictures to day that I made yesterday. I comenced packing a little to day. I have been pretty busy to day and expect to be busy all the rest of the week.

Sep 30 – It cleared off to day and I packed some and took one negative of the telegraph operator and sold it to him for 12/-.[88] I took my last pictures in Muir to day.

Oct 1 – Pleasant. I packed all day to day and was pretty tired at night. I expect to start for home next saturday if nothing happens. Louis was here to supper to night.

Oct 2 – Pleasant. I finished packing up my things in Muir to day at the gallery.

Oct 3 – Rainey. Packed all day at the house. Get most every thing packed at the house to day and start for home to morrow night if nothing happens.

Oct 4 – Rainey. We finished packing and got the goods at the depot after noon. We started from Muir ½ past five went over to Lyons to take the cars and they were late so we did not get away until after mid night. Took a freight from Lansing to Jackson.

Oct 5 – Rainey in the morning and cleared off at noon, but rained again at night. We had to stay all day at Jackson. Got home about ½ past 8 oclock in the evening.

Oct 6 – Awful cold to day at Pa’s. Ethan took us down to Fathers and staid to dinner then he and me went to Mr Riddlers to a raising. We staid to Fathers all night. Alfred Luley was there too.

Oct 7 – Pleasant. Alfred Luley and me went down to the burg and got my trunk. Hannah came home to day. Stoped at fathers and staid till Nancy and me went down that night. We staid all night at Pa’s.

Oct 8 – Pleasant and very warm. We went up to Aunt Katies with Pa’s Horse and wagon. Aunt Fledia[89] went up with us, she stayed. Ethan went as far as Busters to work. When we came back Nancy stoped to Fathers and I took bill home then I come back.

Oct 9 – Pleasant. I have written in Wednesday what I ought to write to day so I will write here what I ought to write for Wednesday. We washed to day and I husked two shocks of corn and helped pick up.

Oct 10 – Pleasant. Father and me went to Hartwells to make cider and in the afternoon we picked up some Butnuts and I carried them up stairs. Father went down to Galesburg with a load of wheat. He got 1.35 for it. Croock-neck Squash and carry me home. Weve spliced to day.

Oct 11 – Rained a little this morning. I sowed plaster to day. This eve Father, Will, Fred and I went to the Burg. Nancy went up to Pa’s. Ethan went to the Burg with us. Pa lanced Hannahs Felon[90] to night. Mrs Earl, Hattie and Libbie Taylor visited at Pa’s this afternoon.

Oct 12 – Pleasant. We were at Fathers all day. We looked for Gustus Chase[91] and his wife but Tip and Rasstus and Charley[92] went up there so they did not get down. Mother and Nancy worked all day getting my cloths ready to go to Chicago.

Oct 13 – Pleasant. Nancy and me went down to Galesburg this morning to take my trunk down. We called on Mrs Alfred and Mrs Barber. Then we stoped at Pa’s and staid and Father took the team home. Father, Mother and Will came down to Pa’s in the evening. I started for Chicago 11.58 P.M.

Oct 14 – Pleasant all day. I arived in Chicago this morning about 7.00 oclock AM. I walked up Michigan St to Clark and up Clark to the North Chicago City Railway office. Found Uncle and he introduced me to Mr Squiers and he gave me a job.

Oct 15 – Pleasant. I comenced work for N.C.C.R. yesterday afternoon as student and worked all day to day as student. I wrote a letter to Nancy this after noon.

Oct 16 – Pleasant but cool. I ran as student this forenoon and ran for My Tutor this afternoon. Got to bed about 10 oclock P.M. I was pretty tired when I got to bed.

Oct 17 – Cool but not very bad. I did not get a run to day so I strolled about the streets. I went down to the river and on board of some of the steamers and saw the sights. Got lost but soon found myself.

Oct 18 – Some rainey and cool. It rained and blew quite hard last night in the night, blew up some side walk. I got a run this afternoon and did not get in until almost mid night and was pretty tired.

Oct 19 – Cool raw wind. I did not get up until 7.00 am, ate breakfast and went down to the office but did not get a run so went down to the lake and to the water works. Came home and got dinner and went to work on extra, recived 1.50.

Oct 20 – Pleasant but cool. I did not get any run to day so I went up to the park this forenoon and saw the sights. Afternoon I went down to state street and Madison. Sold my silver for 5.00 and left my watch to be repired at Severns.

Oct 21 – Cloudy and coold. I have not worked any to day. I went down to the lake and all over north side. Got a letter from my Nancy to day, answerd it to night. She is not very well.

Oct 22 – Cool in the morning but warm in the after noon. I went on this morning and worked until about six oclock Making about 11 hours. I run to day on lincoln avenue for George Haskin on set car.

Oct 23 – Cool in the morning but warm through the day and cool in the evening. I have been running for the same man to day that I did yesterday. Comenced 10.56 am and quit 12.00 mid night.

Oct 24 – Cool but pleasant. Dust flew awfuly. I worked on Lincoln ave to day. Got in at midnight. I am not feeling very well.

Oct 25 – Cool but pleasant, warmer in the middle of the day. I did not do any thing to day only loaf. Got a letter from Mother and Nancy to day.

Oct 26 – Coold and rainey. Loafed all day again. I comenced a letter to Nancy but did not finish it.

(No more daily entries.)


Notes in back of diary:

H. C. Morton & Son
Benton Harbor, Michigan

Jan 3d 1873
Mr Morton agreed to watch a chance for a place to put in a side and sky light and apprise me of as soon as possible.

Left Junction at 4 oclock and 10 minutes, arived at Kalamazoo 6 oclock and 50 minutes. Started from Kalamazoo 7 oclock and 51 minutes, arived at home 8 oclock and 20 mi.

Jay Olmsted, Muir, Mich

Gruse[?] Eradicator
1 oz Sal Soda ½ oz Borax
1/8 Salt petre 1 pt Soft water compound and all is ready. Apply with a woolen cloth

Hiram Crawford
430 North Clark St
Chicago, Ill

Oct 21, 73
Received of H. A. Brown 5.00 five dollars for board
Mrs Long

Enamle for photos
1 oz white wax some turpintine some brams[?] some perfume

Jan 19th Henry, Ethan, Hannah, Pa and Ma, Louesa, Nancy & myself were at Mr Planks to dinner to day besides Fred Allerton, Mr & Mrs P, Will, Carrie, Mary & Becky.

Good negative colodion
Makes good Ferotypes[?] by adding about 1 gr of Bromide of Cadmion to each ounce and Dulute about 2/3 with AxE

March 2nd 1873 we were to Fathers all day to day. Father brung us home to night.

Toning Solution
30 oz Water
30 gs Acetate of Soda
30 gr Salt


[1] Inscription on the front cover: H. A. Brown, Photographer, Muir, Galesburg, Mich. Henry is known better, and referred to, as Hank

[2] The X’s, which were placed under the date, are not explained

[3] A gem was a small tintype photograph. Tintypes were printed on iron, but called tintype because the metal resembled tin

[4] His wife, Nancy (Keith) Brown. They were married October 5, 1872

[5] Ambrose Brown

[6] Nancy’s sister, Hannah Keith

[7] According to both Luke Keith’s and Nancy Brown’s diaries, he went with his brother-in-law, Henry Keith

[8] Matilda (Allen) Brown

[9] His mother’s sister, Julia Allen, who lived with Ambrose & Matilda Brown

[10] His brother, Willis Brown

[11] Nancy’s father, Charles Luke Keith Jr. Both Nancy & Hank refer to her parents, Sarah (Crawford) & Charles Luke Keith Jr., as Ma and Pa, and to Hank’s parents, Matilda (Allen) & Ambrose Brown, as Mother and Father

[12] Nancy’s brother, Ethan Keith

[13] Believe he is referring to Byron Allen, the son of neighbor, John S. & Amanda Louisa (Worden) Allen. Any possible relationship between them and Matilda (Allen) Brown is unknown at this time

[14] The stepson of his uncle, John Wood Allen; he was the son of John Wood Allen’s second wife, Mary Stephenson, and her first husband, John Yates

[15] Nancy’s half-brother, Henry Keith, the son of Charles Luke Keith Jr. by his first wife Minerva (Payson) Keith

[16] Nancy’s mother, Sarah (Crawford) Keith

[17] Believe he is referring to his paternal first cousin, Arthur Arms

[18] Neighbor, Richard Barber

[19] A seance

[20] Neighbors, John & Eliza Ann (Young) Bailey

[21] Neighbors, Marius O. & Laura (Rawson) Streator

[22] Neighbor, Ida Barber, the daughter of Richard & Mary (Knowles) Barber

[23] Neighbors, Byron, Cora, Ida, Libbie and Emma Allen are mentioned throughout the diary. They are the children of John S. & Amanda Louise (Worden) Allen

[24] John Quincy Streator, the son of Marius O. & Laura (Rawson) Streator

[25] The son of neighbors, William & Harriet (Groat) Plank

[26] Nancy’s aunt, Catharine (Keith) Bradley Lee

[27] Neighbor, William Plank

[28] Neighbor, Harriet (Groat) Plank

[29] Neighbor, the son of John & Caroline (Rapelje) Allerton

[30] Carrie and Mary Plank, the daughters of William & Harriet (Groat) Plank

[31] See footnote to January 16th entry

[32] Nancy’s half-sister, Lois (Keith) Clark Skinner, the daughter of Charles Luke Keith Jr. by his first wife Minerva (Payson) Keith. Hank sometimes spells her name Louis or Lowis

[33] Lois’ sister-in-law, Sarah “Sate” Skinner

[34] Nancy’s youngest sister, Louese Keith, who is sometimes referred to as Sis or Louesa

[35] Nancy’s youngest brother, James Clinton Keith

[36] Hannah’s boyfriend. From an entry in Luke’s diary on 12-13-1872 he mentioned that Hannah got a ring from Eberly Underwood

[37] His mother’s brother, Sidney Allen

[38] Eli P. Wightman

[39] A search of reveals that Rev. Phillip Potts died January 25, 1873 and is buried in the Galesburg City Cemetery, Galesburg, Michigan

[40] Alvan and Jesse Lee, Nancy’s second cousins

[41] Kalamazoo, Michigan

[42] See footnote for January 24th entry

[43] A neighbor, Joseph Flanders

[44] Nancy’s paternal first cousin, Frances Catherine “Kate” (Keith) Chaffee, the daughter of Harvey and Alfleda (Starr) Keith

[45] Luke, Nancy and Hank all wrote in their diaries of the Brown and Allerton lawsuit. Luke wrote the following in his diary on November 18, 1872: Mr Allerton drawed some wood for Mr Plank. He asked me about the hogs, did Mr Brown say any thing about the hogs before the trial commenced. I think not. He says we stood by the gate talking, heard the hogs and I started to go to home and Mr Brown followed an we saw the hogs in my lot. This is what he says to day

[46] Believe he is referring to Jackson P.  & Julia S. (Wood) Bristol; Julia & Hank were paternal first cousins

[47] Rebecca Plank, the daughter of William & Harriet (Groat) Plank

[48] Luke Keith’s horse

[49] Nancy would sometimes fall into a trance. During these trances she had an Indian spirit guide named Maumee and would produce very delicate intricate drawings. When she came out of her trances, she remembered nothing of what had happened nor was she able to produce the same style drawings. She would be so drained after these trances that Hank finally told her that she should tell him if she felt a trance coming on. He then, somehow, kept her from going into the trance

[50] Mary (Hamilton) Crawford, the widow of Nancy’s Uncle Edwin Crawford

[51] Adelbert “Del” Skinner, the husband of Lois (Keith) Clark Skinner

[52] Lucy (Lee) Milham, the daughter of Catharine (Keith) Bradley Lee by her second husband, George Lee

[53] Helen (Bradley) York, the daughter of Catharine (Keith) Bradley Lee by her first husband, Ethan Bradley

[54] Marion and Helen York

[55] Nancy’s younger brother, James Clinton Keith

[56] Simeon Wood, the husband of Ambrose Brown’s sister, Reliance Brown

[57] The poles between which a horse is hitched to a wagon

[58] One of Ethan Keith’s inventions (see May 14, 1873 letter)

[59] Neighbor, Henry “Harry” D. Streator, the son of Marius O. Streator

[60] Creosote, an oily liquid distilled from wood tar or coal tar which was used as an antiseptic

[61] Luke Keith wrote in his diary that “J T Allertons old white mare lying in the lot almost dead”

[62] Most likely Louis Bristol, the son of Jackson Bristol (see footnote for March 8th entry)

[63] Michigan Marriage Records at show that Jackson Bristol married Alta Burge on May 8, 1873 in Galesburg, Michigan

[64] Michigan Birth & Christening Records at show that Adelia Giddings was born May 10, 1873 to Augustus & Susan Giddings

[65] Neighbor, Byron Hawley; Luke Keith’s diary mentions him frequently

[66] A form of malaria characterized by stages of chills, fever, and sweating

[67] Eli P. Wightman

[68] Martin & Lucy (Lee) Milham and their daughter, Clara Milham

[69] Neighbors, Albert & Pamelia (Hosley) Towne

[70] Sarah (Knight) Skinner, Del’s and Sate’s mother

[71] Ambrose Brown’s sister and brother-in-law, Hannah (Brown) and Edmund Chase

[72] Lois (Keith) Clark Skinner’s son

[73] Tax on a person, as distinguished from that on property, especially as a prerequisite for voting

[74] Nancy’s cousin, Joseph Lee (son of Rhoda (Keith) and Charles Lee)

[75] Adelbert Skinner, Lois (Keith) Clark Skinner’s second husband

[76] Henry and Virginia (Worley) Crawford. Henry was Sarah (Crawford) Keith’s brother. See Nancy Brown’s July 4, 1873 entry

[77] Julia had cancer in her later years and possibly this is some reference to it. A cradle was built for her as she found the rocking motion soothing. At times the pain would be so intense that she left fingernail marks in the cradle. The reference to “P. T. Barnum” Johnson seems to show Hank’s lack of confidence in the doctor

[78] Son of Cynthia E. (Brown) & William E. Arms. Cynthia was Ambrose Brown’s sister

[79] Nancy

[80] Years later, his daughters, Lela and Bess, were reading through his diaries and noticing the many references to Nina, they thought he was having an affair with another woman. Nancy noticed their hostility towards him and asked what was bothering them. When they told her their suspicions she explained that “Nina” was his pet name for her

[81] Investigation continues as to their identity

[82] It appears Hank believes Nancy is pregnant; however, their son Claude wasn’t born until January 23, 1875

[83] Hank suffered from depression as can be seen by the many entries regarding his feeling blue. Years later, his brother-in-law, Jim Keith, was laid off from his job. In a letter dated May 25, 1890, Jim wrote to his brother, Ethan, regarding his layoff and said, “I dont know what to do. I never had Hank Brown’s blues befour and never want then again.”

[84] Michigan Death Records at show that James B. Sylvester, age 9, was killed in a railroad accident. He was the son of Henry S. and Mary Sylvester

[85] Train cars

[86] This last sentence was in Nancy’s handwriting

[87] Hiram Crawford Jr., Sarah Crawford Keith’s brother

[88] /- is the symbol used for shilling. A shilling was a coin of Colonial America and varied between 12¢ and 16¢

[89] Alfleda (Starr) Keith, widow of Luke Keith’s brother, Harvey

[90] Deep inflammation on finger or toe

[91] His maternal first cousin, Julius Augustus Chase

[92] Erastus and Charles Towne; Tip might be their brother Cullen Towne


Cash Account, January

Received Paid
2 Fare to Benton Harbor 1.90
Dinner at Junction .50
3 Board at Benton Harbor 1.50
Brazilian Nuts .10
Fair to Coloma .30
“ from “ to Junction .40
Junction to K .90
K to Galesburg .30
Peanuts .05


Cash Account, April

1873 Cash Acct Dr Cr
Apr 30 To Cash on hand 8.30
“       “ By V for B 1.00
“       “ “ Sugar 8# 1.00
May 6 “ Doctor bill 1.00
“       “ “ One Hat .25
“       “ “ Sundries .20
“       “ “ Oysters .25
“       8 “ Repairing bods .35
“     17 “ Dr Johnson 4.00
“       “ “ Cristar to watch .25
“       “ “ Sundries .10
“     19 To Cash 1.00
“       “ By Medicine .75
“       “ “ Tomatoes .06
“     24 To Cash 1.00
“       “ By Mescetoes .40
“       “ “ Tea ½# .50
“       “ “ 1 paper tacks .10


Cash Account, June

1873 Cash Acct Dr Cr
Jun  2 To Wing B. A 5.00
“       “ By A???ica .10
“       9 Haircut .25
“     20 By Beer .15
“       “ “ Rubber .06
“     21 To Cash per J A H 5.00
“       “ By Cars 2.90
“       “ Omnibus and Hack 1.15
“       “ “ Dinner .25
“     23 “ Cars 2.35
“       “ “ Crackers .05
“     23 “ Beer .05
“     24 “ Shirts 1.80
“       “ “ Factory .25
“       “ “ Medicine .45
“     25 “ Rent to Muir 10.00
“       “ “ Box .50
“       “ “ Postage .18
“       “ “ Nails .06
“       “ To Cash of Father 10.00


Cash Account, July

1873 Received Paid
3 To Cash 5.00
By Nails .06
“ Screws .08
“ Leather .10
“ Freight 4.95
13 To Cash 20.00
14 By Rope .09
“ Pens and holder .05
“ Postage .03
15 “ Cars to Jackson 1.75
“    “     “   Lyons 2.10
“ Omnibus .25
16 “ Freight 2.88
“ Drayman .75
“ Ball of Goods 8.55
“ 2 gel crock .25
“ Comb and brush .80
“ Broom .35
“ Paper & Env .02
17 “ Wire .30
“ Postage .03
18 To Cash rc .75
By Egg, Cork, Buttons .07
Silk Thread .15
19 To Cash Ric 1.90
22 By Cash to bal 27.65 27.65


Cash Account, August

Received Paid
Jul 22 To Cash on hand 4.54
“       “ By Glass & putty .85
“       “ “ Paper and nuts .15
“       “ “ Board 3.00
“     23 “ Curtains 2.62
“       “ “ ½ gal oil .18
“       “ “ Starch .06
“       “ “ Wire .30
“     24 “ Paint .35
“     24 “ Cotton flannel .10
“     25 “ Postage .03
“       “ “ Glass and putty .25
“     26 “ Netting .15
“       “ “ 3 Cigars .25
“       “ To Week rec 14.05
“     27 By Washing .35
“       “ “ Colars & paper .50
“     28 “ Postage .08 Med .40 .48
“     29 “ Board 4.00
“       “ “ Bill Goods 5.90
“       “ “ Card board .05
“       “ “ Nina 1.00
“     31 “ [?] .50
“       “ “ Sundries .08
“       “ “ Brandy Soda .15
Aug 2 To Weeks receipes 15.60
“       “ By Cash to Ball 12.89
34.19 34.19


Cash Account, September

Received Paid
Aug  2 To Cash on hand by [?] 2.11
“       “ “      “      “     “ 12.89
“       “ By One Lamp Chimney .10
“       4 By Silver 1.30
“       “ “ Postage and egg .04
“       “ “ Sewing 2.25 thread .8 .33
“       6 “ Board 3.50
“       “ “ Nina 1.03
“       “ “ Sponge .10
“       7 “ Rent 8.50
“       8 “ Postage .06
“       “ “ Leese .50
“       9 To Weeks rects 19.55
“     11 By Paper & stamps .10
“     12 “ Nina 5.03
“     12 “ Board 3.50
“     13 “ Nina 16.14
“     15 “ Paper 28 Stamps 06 .35
“       “ “ Band .25
“     16 “ Board 2.00
“       “ “ Paper .07
“       “ 7.05/ 21.05
“       “ By Cash to Bal 12.70
55.60 55.60


Cash Account, October

1873 Received Paid
Aug 17 To Cash brought over 12.70
“       “ By Soda Gum Netting .11
“      18 “ Tacks on Neting .55
“      19 “ Rent to Probasco 4.00
“       “ “ Chalk line .10
“       “ “ Board 1.50
“      20 “ Hair cut, Aples .45
“      21 “ Postage .10
“      22 “ Cocked hat .10
“       “ “ Bill of goods 20.75
“       “ “ Errors .09
“      23 To Weeks rect 13.05
“      25 By Medicine .10
“      26 “       “ .30
“       “ “ Soap 10 Tacks 10 .20
“       “ “ Tea 30 Patatoes 13 .43
“       “ “ Stove pipe .35
“      27 “ Windo Curtains 1.85
“       “ “ Chairs 4.50
“       “ “ Salt .10
“       “ “ Tacks 20 Screws 05 .25
“      28 “ Apples .10
“       “ “ E Notices .50
“      29 “ ¾# Butter .15
“       “ “ 2# Sugar .25
“      30 To Weks receipts 7.49
“       “ By Meat .10
“       “ To Cash to bal 3.69
36.93 36.93


Cash Account, November

1873 Received Paid
Sep 1 By Cash to bal 3.69


Bills Payable, February

1873 Dolls. Cts.
28 One Note to E. P. W 200 00


Bills Payable, July

1873 Dolls. Cts.
17 Warmer Merchant Paid

Cambrick 17½ yds 15

Oil ½ gal 35




17 Ice Merchant

1 pail ice

18 1     “     “
21 1     “     “


Bills Payable, August

Jay Olmstead D C
Jul 1 Comenced renting Phot rooms of
 “   “ To Cash on rent 10.00
 “   21  “ Repairing roof
 “    “  “ Glass and putty 1.50
 “   23  “ Lead pipe and putting it in 1.00
 “   25 “ 1 10×18 glass and putting it in .50
 “   29 “ 1 10×18 glass and putting it in .50
Aug 7 “ Cash 8.50
 “    “ “ Redicetion[?] 3.00
 “    “ By One quarter vent 25.00


Bills Payable, September

Mrs S. M. Long D C
Aug 3 By washing .70
 “     “ To Picture .20
 “     “ “ 2 Gems .50
 “     “ “  “    “ .50
 “   11 By Washing .30
 “   17 “         “ .40
 “   24 “         “ .40
 “   24 To 6 Gems 1.50
 “   31 By Washing .40
Sep 5 “         “ .40
 “    8 To 2 Gems .50
 “   12 “    “     “ .50
 “     “ By Extra Washing .20
“    20 “ Washing .40
“    21 “      “ .40

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