Luke Keith’s 1848 Ledger


Luke and his wife, Jerusha, left the old farm in Pavilion, New York for Comstock, Michigan on January 25, 1848 (although the ledger was printed for the year 1847) and he kept a ledger of expenses during the trip. They arrived at his father’s farm on February 26. Their goods arrived on April 20 and they moved to their own farm on May 24. On September 14 they moved into their new house. Jerusha died at 7:10 a.m. on September 23.

Also gives dimensions for building a sleigh body.

According to entries in later diaries, he “landed” in Comstock in 1837. It is believed that at some point after his first wife, Minerva Payson, died he returned to New York and married Jerusha Crittenden. Then in 1848 they made this move to Michigan.

The following receipt is dated January 25, 1848, the same date that Luke and Jerusha left New York for Michigan, and lists the items that they received from the estate of Jerusha’s father, Jairus Crittenden. Jairus died June 22, 1843; however, it probably wasn’t until after the death of his wife, Eunice (Sprague) Crittenden on July 1, 1847, that their possessions were divided among their descendants.

The receipt reads as follows:

Recd Covington Jany 25th 1848 of the personal property of Jairus Crittenden subject to a final dividend of the Said Estate the following articles at the prices annexed

One span mares                                70.00
” Two horse harness                         15.00
”   ”        ”      waggon                         20.00
3 wooden Bowls                                     1.12
2      ”         Boxes                                      .88
1 Tea Canister                                          .25
1 Doz Cake Molds                                    .31
1 Grater & Cake Cutter                           .18
4 Bushels Wheat                  9/-           4.50
5      ”          Corn                     4/-           2.50
amounting to          $114.74

C. L. Keith
Jerusha C Keith

Share of personal property from Fathers Estate to each heir                 $77.91

Henry Cruttenden Executor
Jairus Cruttendens Estate

Crittenden, Jairus - Estate Receipt

This map shows the route they took, and some of the stops they made, during the trip.

Keith, Charles Luke Jr - 1848 Route

A – Pavilion, New York
B – Lockport, New York
C – Lewiston, New York
D – Beamsville, Ontario, Canada
E – Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
F – Beachville, Ontario, Canada
G – Louisville, Ontario, Canada
H – Windsor, Ontario, Canada
I – Battle Creek, Michigan
J – Comstock, Michigan

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